Virginia 10th District Convention report, pt 5

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I used to have friends who played rugby; I've spent nights in the ER waiting room that made you literally feel the thin line between life and death; I've watched a man bite the head off a live chicken: But none of that - none of that - prepared me for my first Virginia 10th District Republican Convention.

Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But the parliamentary procedures dispute was stimulating.

The problem, in a nutshell, was that the Jim Rich contingent was running the show, the Heidi Stirrup contingent tried to force them to follow parliamentary procedures, and the Rich people were trying to just move the meeting forward. So in the voting to establish a temporary Chair for the Convention and a Secretary, the Stirrup stalwarts were unable to get a word in edgewise.

Although they tried, they certainly tried. Two gentlemen, last names Ferrara and McHugh, from other parts of the state, did yeoman's duty: It ain't easy under Roberts Rules of Order when the Chair won't recognize members who want to speak. Basically all you can do then is yell.

Dmitri was one of the key members on our side of the room attempting to make points of order and, really, just get the Chair to recognize him so he could say something. Thank goodness a few people understood, even with Roberts Rules supposedly in use, you sometimes have to play hardball to have a democratic meeting.


(Through it all, the children just played…as though they knew something we didn't.)

I think that Eugene fellow was in there, if I recall correctly….maybe it was somebody else.

(Continued below the fold)


By and by this was all worked out - as they say in the game, rock beats scissors - and then the most wonderful thing happened.

It was time to read the Convention rules! It must have been about 3 pages of legalese and the impact was immediate and overwhelming. It was as though God had said to the angels, "These people are getting out of control. Spray ‘em down with a hose NOW until they mellow out!"

The reader's blessed monotone had the soporific effect that was undoubtedly the raison d'etre for this portion of the program, and we all cozied into our chairs like good friends on the living room sofa.


It was five full minutes of peace and harmony, and it made me proud to be a Republican.


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Charles said:

You know, I taped our convention just in case something wild happened, and NOTHING HAPPENED. I wish I was in the 10th district so I could traipse through fields and learn how to spell "triapse" and get my car stuck in a pasture and all the other fun stuff you got to do.

Oh dude, my heart goes out to you...but congrats on the taping, you did the best you could. Tomorrow I'll have pictures of the security detail, and that is really where the rubber hits the road.

winconservative said:

The repercussions of the convention yesterday could be felt in the district for years to come. What an absolute bloodbath. The almost 40% who opposed Rich do most of the grassroots work in the 10th. I have a feeling these guys will be AWOL this fall for Wolf. I would hope all Stirrup supporters can put away thier dislike of Rich and his crew and work for Congressman Wolf based on his conservative record. We can dislike our Chair but still help the Congressman.

This is the most extensive review of the tenth district convention. Years from now this account will be the basis of a book,a movie and a Cable TV series entitled "The Rise of the RINO."

More to come, guys, just had to spend the day with domestic responsibilities. Thanks for visiting!

Margi said:

Thank you for another voice for humor in a mostly humorless world.

I am truly grateful for the perspective.

Margi, thanks, I agree, if it wasn't comic it would be immensely tragic - but I'm just the scribe. I couldn't make this kind of stuff up.

Eugene, whether for the History Channel, C-Span or Animal Planet, I would definitely join you in that project.

Sophrosyne said:

Joe... this coverage is amazing... you've raised the bar for the entire Virginia blogosphere.

Heh, thanks Soph, your hyperbole is most appreciated.

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