Webb makes me ill...

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Talk about someone pandering to his new "allies." After reading this article over at the Times-Dispatch, I am all the more convinced that, if Webb wins the primary, that Senator Allen is going to pound him into the ground. He is all over the place on issues. A grown man who has only been pro-choice for 15 years? He was against affirmative action until like last week. If John Kerry suffered from being a chronic flip-flopper, James Webb makes it a profession. This guy has no sincerely held principles. He's just a wannabe liberal clinging to his fading military career. RIP Webb campaign.

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The Richmond Times-Dispatch has endorsed every GOP politician since forever.

Read my post in The Virginia Progressive and Raising Kaine's post as well.

We Democrats are not so stupid as to fall for the flip-flopping canard!

There is no discrepancy. It's all contrived, as usual, by GOPers who do not want the best candidate, the one with the unadulterated best shot of taking down one of their brethren down.

Sophrosyne said:

Keep telling yourself that Mimi...

Velvet Elvis said:

You've got to wonder about a guy who changes his mind as often as he changes his socks. He was for Bush and Allen before he was against them. He was against affirmative action before he was for it.

There just seems to be something not quite right about this guy. Just his mannerisms and such. I think his blow-up during his debate with Miller was a portrait into his soul.

thegools said:

This "waffling/flip flop" claim has been used as a tactic by the GOP since at least J. Carter. The GOP uses it against deep thinking smart people, because such people frequently adapt to changing situations.

Also, you should read articles on James Webb up until he entered the Senate race. Those on the Left and Right spoke overwhelmingly in favorable terms about the man. Funny how some on the Right have begun to "flip-flop" their opinion on him now that an election is on.

Velvet Elvis said:

Gools, "deep thinking smart people" usually take time to think through things thoroughly and then come to the correct conclusion the first time. People like Carter and Webb are posers and opportunists, not deep thinkers.

Sophrosyne said:

Well said Velvet Elvis, well said.

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