Alert: VA blogger down; I repeat, blogger down

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Charles of Two Conservatives is in a bad way at the moment. Please pay him a visit and send along a good word.

Charles is amazing and I didn't realize just how much until I read about the full extent of his injury.

I say this because Charles spent about four days commenting on this really wide-ranging thread here and his contributions were very substantial. He wrote more in our comments than I have written here during certain months. After presenting a number of thoughtful arguments on the general topic of gay marriage, getting pummelled by some of our other visitors, and coming back for more, he simply noted "I'm laid up."

Well, he really is laid up. He saw fit to jump in and write a ton here when his hard drive broke, then kept writing when HE broke. He never goes begging for links. I strongly urge all of our readers to take a moment to visit the Web site of this incredibly selfless good guy and all-around great American. He just keeps on tickin'.

From all of us at NOVA TownHall: Get well, and thanks, Charles. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out.

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charles R. said:

Thanks, guys.

Now that I can sit again, i'm catching up on all the stuff I missed. As for my condition, I think the Chief Inspector said it best:

"Every Day, and Every Way, I'm getting better, and better, and better."

I was probably never as bad off as I make it sound, because it is a well-known fact that men are wimps when it comes to pain.

charles R. said:

Also, to correct the record, I believe I did beg for links once, more more exactly fished for links by commenting on other threads.

And remember, it's not the number of words that's important, it the number of thoughts conveyed.

For me, unfortunately, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I'm a lousy artist.

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