Amnesty a Done Deal?

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Just in case you're not already REALLY ticked off today (and what good conservative is not perpetually so?) please take a moment to read this report by Debbie Schlussel:

Federal agents in the Department of Homeland Security are angry.

They know something we don't: President Bush is arrogantly assuming his proposed Guest Workers amnesty is a done deal. And he’s spending on the still illegal program like a drunken sailor.

If this is true, and - as the article suggests - Congress is really complicit, I'd say it's time to clean House (along with Senate).

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Bush wants more illegals in this country. Plain and simple.

Neither party gets this issue - though Harold Ford and tons of Republicans in the House seem to understand.

Bush is playing with fire and he won't get the immigration-focused portion of his base back until he issues a public mea culpa and reverses his position and policy. He's going to say he was wrong on this issue or else he can kiss part of his constituency goodbye.

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