Appeal of the 10th District Convention

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I was forwarded the below email (apparently being circulated last week) from former 10th District Chairman candidate Heidi Stirrup regarding to the horrendous manner in which the 10th District Convention was run. For more information on the convention please see NOVA Town Hall’s extensive live coverage here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Dear friends:

It is with great sadness that we find ourselves having to appeal the illegal actions that took place at the 10th District Convention on May 20, 2006. If we do not challenge and appeal these illegal actions, we will signal our approval of a Convention held contrary to the State Party Plan. If we do not challenge or appeal, we will only encourage even more abusive actions and illegal behavior in the future, which could lead to a breakdown in our Party order and Party unity. If we do not challenge or appeal, the abusers of the Convention delegates will go unpunished.

Among other abuses, delegates made motions that were in order, but were illegally ruled out of order. Delegates who had the only microphone in the Convention Hall were physically removed from use of the microphone and yelled at by the illegally elected Temporary Chair during a proper motion. Delegates who challenged credentials of Democrats and other supporters of Republican opponents were denied a full hearing.

These kinds of actions violated Roberts Rules of Order and because of these illegal actions, the proceedings of the Convention itself are null and void. Our appeal (15 pages) addresses all these issues in detail. In order to submit this appeal, we will need the signature of properly filed Delegates at this convention. The appeal must be filed by this coming Monday.

In the end, what we are fighting for is a Republican Party where Republicans, not Democrats, elect our Party officials and nominees. We also want to see Republican Conventions run by rules, not bulldozed by some who blatantly disregard the rules.

Therefore, if you are interested in signing the appeal, I will need your signature before Monday. You may stop by our house anytime beginning tonight through Sunday night to sign. Thank you for your willingness to stand up for what's right. Of course, feel free to call me or email with questions, comments or concerns. I welcome your views always!


Heidi H. Stirrup

Heidi is right when she calls to light the egregious violations of Roberts Rules of Order... I was appalled to watch as calls for "division" were repeatedly ignored and nearly every motion made by Stirrup supporters illegally dismissed. Obviously Jim Rich had the votes to win so why run a blatantly illegal convention? It flies in the face of the principles of fairness and inclusion upon which our great Party is built and hopefully Heidi’s appeal can help prevent future Machiavellian abuses.

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Former CR said:

Having been on the wrong end of an appeal, RPV is not likely to undercut one of its own district chairmen despite the virtue or correctness of your position. Expect an out of hand dismissal unless Kate Griffin acts differently than her predecessors.

Sophrosyne said:

I've heard as much from various folks familiar with RPV... however I am hopeful Kate may do something since she was present and saw first hand how ridiculous the convention was... they didn't even pay lip service to proper proceedure (proceedure designed to protect the rights of every delegate to be included and heard).

Time will tell... I am hoping for the best but expecting dismissal.

winconservative said:

I too was disappointed in the results of the 10th convention but since the Rich supporters clearly outnumbered the Stirrup supporters I really see no need of bringing this issue back up. I certainly did not like the procedure but the results were in my opinion 100% fair. I think we need to be better prepared with more delegates next time. Right now we need to concentrate on supporting Congressman Wolf and Sen. Allen this fall.

Sophrosyne said:

But process does matter... if we are to be successful in fostering unity and supporting Congressman Wolf and Senator Allen then the large minority (~40%) that supported Heidi should not be "bulldozed by some who blatantly disregard the rules" without any consequence or apology.

I believe any effort that results in more transparent party operations and fair/inclusive elections respecting the rights of all GOP activists/delegates will necessarily lead to a larger and more unified party. Thus I think Heidi's appeal is consistent with the goal of supporting GOP nominees and building our party.

John said:

This was third-world thuggery at it's very best.

It's great that we don't have to leave hunt country and go to somewhere like Zimbabwe to see such a display!

James Young said:

The last time such a thing happened (regarding the sleazy activities of the YRFV), the SCC rejected the report of their own investigative committee (headed by now-Justice Don Lemons) out of hand. Expect the same result, given that the Second District Chairman was in the middle of that steal.

How's that saying go, "Politics is war carried out by other means..."? Or was it vice versa. Anyway, it applies here.

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