Bolling Holds Kaine to Task Over Delay of Walton's Sentence

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It's good to see Lt. Governor Bill Bolling holding Governor Kaine to task for his decision to delay the Walton death sentence. Regardless of one's view of capital punishment... this incident further proves we just can't trust Tim Kaine. We should be grateful we have a LG willing to hold him accountable for his poor decisions and broken promises. After all Kaine has basically broken every major campaign promise he made in 2005 (the Marriage Amendment and tax-hikes immediately come to mind)

Here is some of what Bolling had to say regarding Kaine's actions:

"I disagree with the Governor's decision to defer this execution. Mr. Walton was duly convicted in a Virginia court of the brutal murder of three innocent people in Danville in 1996. He shot one individual in the head and stuffed his lifeless body in a closet. He shot another as she begged for her life. A jury found Mr. Walton guilty of these crimes and properly sentenced him to death."

"There is no justification for the Governor's decision to defer Mr. Walton's execution. Mr. Walton's lawyers have argued for years that he was mentally incompetent, but this argument has consistently been rejected by the courts. The courts have found that Mr. Walton can and should be executed because he clearly knew what he was doing when he committed these crimes."

"Interestingly, the United States Supreme Court rejected these very appeals moments before the Governor chose to defer Mr. Walton's execution. The courts have considered this case in detail. They found Mr. Walton guilty of these brutal murders, they sentenced him to death, and they have affirmed their finding on numerous occasions."

"I am also concerned that the Governor has indicated that he will embark on an independent "extra judicial" assessment of whether or not Mr. Walton is mentally competent. Unfortunately, the Governor has not told us how this independent assessment will be conducted, what standards will be used for reaching a conclusion, or what steps will be taken to protect the rights of the victims families or the Commonwealth."

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