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"I firmly believe that only a combat soldier has the right to judge another combat soldier. Only a rifle company combat soldier knows how hard it is to return his sanity, to do his duty and to survive with some semblance of honor. You have to learn to forgive others, and yourself, for some of the things that are done."

-Tom Gibson, discussing an alleged war crime committed by an American during the 1944 Normandy Invasion
(as quoted in Stephen Ambrose's "Band of Brothers")

Whether or not the allegations of what happened in Haditha are true or not, I do not know, and I will not make a judgement on this.

What I do know is that Rep. Murtha is handling this in an extremely poor manner. Between his current position and his military background, Murtha has enough power to make things right through the proper military courts, as would be his duty. But, make no mistake, the objective of his public outcry is to advance his political agenda. Murtha opposes the war in Iraq. He wants you to oppose the war in Iraq. He will emphasize every negative occurance in Iraq in order to accomplish this.

If you think I am out on a limb here, I just want to ask you one thing...When was the last time Murtha has been so vocal in applauding the military for anything good we have accomplished?

Murtha has betrayed the US Armed Forces.

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Right is Right said:

Amen to that. Murtha has a right to oppose the war, but to have already prejudged the issue before the military code of justice has ruled is utterly irresponsible.

Sophrosyne said:

No Relation- Well said.

I am really suprised by this coverage and the reaction of folks such as Murtha.

I think Murtha's either not quite all there or has some other agenda. Just my opinion.

NoVA Scout said:

Murtha is generally a cheerleader for the armed forces. He is a very strong supporter of the military. I think he's trying to say that conditions in Iraq are corrupting and degrading America's armed forces. There is much room to disagree with Murtha on Iraq, but don't try to make him into a military-basher. He is anything but.

No Relation said:

NoVA Scout-

Again I ask...When was the last time Murtha was this vocal in applauding the military for anything? Every day members of the military put their own lives on the line to perform humanitarian tasks. Why isn't Murtha talking about this?

There is no reason for the Haditha incident to be tried in the court of public opinion. War by it's very nature is corrupting and degrading, no matter where it is. There is no way to prevent war crimes. All you can do is make sure justice is sought against those who commit them. And that jusitce should be handed out by the military. Not the public.

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