Interesting Report from The Patriot: The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response

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Via Mark M. Alexander's column:

A few years ago, the most learned debates over the ordination of a homosexual cleric as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire revealed that not only the Episcopal clergy and laity needed assistance understanding this issue, but the Christian Church as a whole needed clarity. Indeed our whole society needs a better, and in some cases more compassionate, understanding of homosexual pathology.

Consequently, The Patriot has just published The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response online, a comprehensive yet concise review of gender-disorientation pathology. It's an essay that anyone, inside or outside the Church, making a psychological, theological or social argument concerning homosexuality, should read.

The real value of this landmark report's substance is not measured in the accolades from conservatives around the world who have reviewed it, but in the unguarded praise it has received from homosexuals (including some activists), who responded that, for the first time, they have been able to comprehend, with the help of this analysis, both the Christian theological and conservative social perspective and objections, without feeling personally attacked.

I haven't read the report yet but it sounds like it will be an interesting read. Obviously any religious argument certainly shouldn’t be the primary component of the argument for the Marriage Amendment and protecting the current definition of marriage (that does not willfully deny a child a mother or a father) from activist judges (which is what the amendment is all about because it merely elevates existing law).

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Terry M said:

Wow Sophie.

And after all the nice chat we had last week. How anyone gay can read that and not feel personally attacked is beyond me. Left me chilled to the spine.

No point in trying to debate it as it is all just too much over the edge. Would not know where to begin. Funny how people who are not gay try to pretend they know everything about it. They couldn't possibly know. I do. I live it every day and have since I was born.

I guess this posting is your tribute to the anti-gay propaganda love in going on in DC today and this week.

Sophrosyne said:

I haven't even read the report yet Terry but I intend to do so soon (hopefully tonight). Just because you disagree with how the Christians who wrote the report view homosexual activity doesn't make it "over the edge".

Anyways, we here at NOVA TownHall look forward to continuing to examine the battle to protect marriage from radical redefinition via judicial decree and we will do so from an objective secular viewpoint. I just thought this would be an interesting read for those of us engaged in the theological dialogue as well. As always we encourage anyone interested to participate in the comments section of our blog.

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