Just when you thought it was safe....

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...Charles is back! So the discussion continues...

That comment thread has not yet been rated, because I'll be away from the computer running around suburbia all day.

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Charles said:

Yeah, I'm back, but I gave up. Apparently trying to establish some basic facts of agreement is too much to expect from the discussion.

I don't see how we advance the discussion of gay marriage, an act of large impact to society, if the proponents of the change think that society is crazy to even think there can be places where sexual attraction is not an issue.

It just shows what a difficult issue this is to discuss. I reached a similar conclusion in that there are so many angles on the issue that you can't easily argue it peacemeal. That's why I had to bail from the tit-for-tat debate in favor of my laying out a comprehensive overview and then letting everyone take pot shots at it.

I'll be incorporating your arguments because you brought in a whole side of the debate that was not on my radar.

Thanks, Charles.

stay puft marshmallow man said:


the fact that there are so many different angles on this issue is precisely why passing an amendment is a foolhardy idea.

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