Quite a Marriage Amendment debate

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As a red-blooded American, there's nothing I enjoy more than walking up to another man, jamming my forehead against his, then yellin' at each other for four hours straight.

But even so, the argument going on in Sophrosyne's VA4Marriage post has me impressed and humbled. Anyone interested in the issue will find it well worth reading, but if you intend to get involved plan to have your thinking cap on and sources available for review.

And to clear up the nagging question: I believe Sophrosyne is going to declare itself gender-neutral until November in order to be able to contribute objectively to the ongoing debate.

UPDATE: Jiminy Christmas! In 25 years they will still be teaching graduate-level courses on that comment thread, is my prediction. And not just on the mystery of "Sophie's" sexuality either.

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Singleton said:

I've been gone this weekend, but I'm planning on removing myself from the real world for about 4 hours tomorrow to read that whole thing. I've considered signing over power of attorney in case I don't find my way out.

You'll need to do at least that. Have a gallon of Hormel chili, a quart of Coke and a stash of Cohibas. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

I'm writing the preface to a new post to bring this up to the front page, but the subterranean warfare among those guys is advancing so fast I can't keep up with it.

I hope that Soph individual will see fit to break away from the power tools convention long enough to try and finish what he/she started.

It's a horribly worded amendment.

I haven't made up how I will vote.

Hey TC, thanks for stopping by.

I've heard a great deal from both sides about what they wanted/didn't want in the wording, and what they ended up getting (the whole text is up at the nova4marriage.com site).

I'd be interested in hearing what you did not like about it.

Congrats for ending up in Texas. It's a wonderful place. They grow great conservatives there.

Singleton said:

If you think the amendment is so terribly worded Vincent, why even consider voting for it?

The amendment is as clear as a legal statement can be in my opinion. Judges always get to have the last word on what laws/amendments mean, but I think this is broad enough to prevent almost any court from peverting its application to accept gay marriage or anything resembling it.

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