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Well, with over 92% of the precincts reporting it looks like Jim Webb just won the Democratic primary. Congratulations Mr. Webb, you just earned yourself a date with the A-Team on November 7th.

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Senator Allen certainly won't be able to coast through this campaign.

Sophrosyne said:

I don't think the Allen machine ever "coasts"... he would be on the offensive through November no matter who won the primary. Allen is a top notch campaigner.

Shaun Kenney said:


Ok, that's good to hear. I don't remember much from the last one.

Moderate 5-19 said:

So Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is where we part ways. I’ve met and even lobbied George Allen. I can’t tell you how unprepared and unimpressive he was. Our meeting had been scheduled for weeks, and although I know a Senator can’t be proficient on every issue, Senator Allen was woefully unable to answer any question or even speak intelligently on the subject.
(FYI) I also lobbied John Warner on the same day and the same issue; he was prepared, and efficient.

George Allen is one of those people who give wealth a bad name. I am forced to wonder if not handed a life of wealth and prestige what he would have made of himself. Time and time again I’ve listened to him or watched him in an interview; he never goes off message, does not have an original thought and God help him if given a question he does not expect. In addition I agree with him on some subjects (abortion, illegal immigration etc.) but I just as strongly disagree with him on other issues (minimum wage, affirmative action etc.) I’m sure he is a nice man and would make a wonderful neighbor but my Senator, I think not.

This is when being a moderate really matters. I don’t at all care about names like RINO and DINO. I have the freedom to vote for the person I want despite party affiliation. And in November I’m happily voting for Webb.

Well, we can't all agree all the time. There are people on "my side" of the immigration debate who I suspect have no interest in my side of the marriage amendment debate. And don't even mention George W. Bush or the Iraq war. We need to work together when we can and agree to disagree when we can't.

fmcdonald said:

George Allen may strike some as an "Awe-Shucks" kind of guy but beneath the smile is a keen brain and great recall which will do him well in debates.

He is extremely popular in Virginia and I think that goes a long way to explain the extremely low voter turnout today.

I have a feeling he is probably pleased with the results of the primary. I know I am!

Moderate 5-19 said:

You have got to be kidding yourself if you think Allen did not want Miller to win. Granted, Webb is a long shot, but Miller would have been a slam dunk for Allen

Sophrosyne said:

“George Allen is one of those people who give wealth a bad name. I am forced to wonder if not handed a life of wealth and prestige what he would have made of himself.”

Huh? Are we talking about the same man here? I can’t speak to your poor lobbying experience but Allen’s astounding political success in Virginia is due to his passion and hard work on the campaign trail and in government. He didn’t use his apparent “wealth” to buy an elected office… he earned it by pounding the pavement, listening to the people, and getting the job done. Virginia now has a vastly improved educational system, abolished a corrupt parole system, welfare reform, and a tax-free internet thanks to this man’s toil (to mention just a few of his remarkable achievements). Sure this will be a tough election battle but please don’t smear Allen as if he is some kind of rich boy who was handed his Congressional seat, Governorship, and Senate seat on a silver platter.

Talk to any long time members of the notorious “A-Team” and they’ll tell you how George won his elections.

Moderate 5-19 said:

So you are telling me that in George Allen was not the son of the Redskins Coach and had all the other "perks of life" he would still have been a Senator. As Joe says, I think we will have to agree to disagree on that note.

PS Please don't imply I said he brought elections, I did not say that and you are intelligent to know the difference.

Sophrosyne said:

Sure his background has some impact... maybe he would be a Delegate today because of it... however it was/is his hard work and passion that helped him become Governor and then Senator. You cannot attribute all his success to a famous father, it may have jump started things but he moved up on his own accord- not due to wealth or family name.

Moderate 5-19 said:

Again, I say, we have to agree to disagree on this.
I don't think Allen would be able to win any local elections if not for the pedigree. Again I've met and talked to the man, I was shocked by how unprepared he was, he could not even "wing” coherent answers. He may be a hard worker and have passion, but I know a lot of hardworking, passionate people, and they also should not be my Senator. If hard work and passion was all one needs, you should be campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

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