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Sources close to State Senator Russ Potts have indicated that he is seriously considering stepping down after the budget is resolved. We can only hope that he does so. Russ should ride off into the sunset while the gettin is good.

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GOPHokie said:

Is the same old Potts rumor or is it a new one?

Sophrosyne said:

I think it is new, Singleton?

Singleton said:

New I believe, as in the last two weeks. when was the old one?

GlenAllenPub said:

I can't stand that guy. I still can't believe that the Senate Republican Caucus was so wimpy they let him keep his committee chairmanship.

GOPHokie said:

The old one was Potts will get an appointment with kaine after the budget is passed.
The budget has drug on for so long we have no idea if thats gonna happen or not.

James Young said:

"Ride off into the sunset"?

A more accurate image would have been "circling the bowl."

Sophrosyne said:

Ha, wonderful mental image.

winconservative said:

There is no doubt that Russ would literally jump at the chance to work in the Kaine administration. His financial troubles in the past have been well documented. The big question is what would Tim Kaine gain by hiring him? He is not well liked by either party and has not worked under ANYONE in the recent past as he has owned his own small business. I don't see Russ as one to take orders very well from anyone other than himself.

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