Thelma Drake in Trouble? Race Now Only "Leans Republican"

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CQ Politics has changed its rating of Virginia's 2nd Congressional District race from "Republican Favored" to "Leans Republican":

The early skirmishing between freshman Republican Rep. Thelma Drake and Democrat Phil Kellam, a well-known local official in the district’s population center of Virginia Beach, signals a contest that is more competitive than initially expected in the Republican-leaning 2nd. This, in turn, has spurred to change its rating to Leans Republican from Republican Favored.

The changed rating means that Drake still has an edge, but that the contest should be close. The change also places Virginia 2 among the most highly competitive races in the nation. There are now three dozen contests in CQ’s most competitive categories of “No Clear Favorite” and “Leans” Republican or Democratic: 25 of these races are for seats held by Republicans, while 11 are for those held by Democrats.

Good to know that talented politico Tim Murtaugh is at the helm of the Drake campaign as things tighten up.

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charles said:

I wasn't sure what he was saying though. It seemed like it went to "lean republican" simply because the democrat didn't crawl into a hole and hide.

And I've heard rumblings that Kellum is in trouble with the people financing his campaign because he isn't opposed enough to the Iraq war. Of course, if he was he'd lose that district, but it's going to be hard to win without that support.

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