Too Conservative Paid to Blog? Does his "Employer" Have an Agenda?

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I saw this on Republitarian:

Periodic awards

...10. Best paid blogger....Vince Harris

Comments on Republitarian confirm the paid status. Hmmm... this raises some interesting questions.

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Freddie said:

According to, there is a Vincent Harris in Suffolk, VA who was paid $107 in 2005 by Victory 2005 for GOTV work. That does not sound like being paid for blogging.

Who is Vincent working for?

Velvet Elvis said:

Whoa, momma! That is not be the same Vincent.

Sophrosyne said:

I don't know.

I don't even know if that Vincent (the one you found on vpap) is the same as the Vincent Harris/Thoms who lives up here in NOVA and runs Too Conservative. It is the Too Conservative Vincent who is (apparently) being paid to blog.

In the comments on Republitarian Vince claims he has previously disclosed this fact but I must have missed that. Maybe he'll clear things up for us.

No Relation said:

Does he get money for the ads on his site?

Freddie said:

I thought he was Vincent Thoms, but he answers to Vincent Harris on the Republitarian blog. Where did the Harris come from?

Also, where did previously disclose payments? More importantly, who is he working for?

Sophrosyne said:

All good questions Freddie... maybe he'll stop by and let us know the answers.

I worry about even the appearance of impropriety/paid bias in any blogger who actively engages in promoting and criticizing various candidates (which in and of itself is perfectly acceptable... that is what we do here on NOVA TownHall) while simultaneously being paid to do so. But hey that’s just me.

There could be some perfectly logical explanation we’re overlooking. Hopefully Vince will explain.

Freddie said:

According to, Vincent Thoms of Fairfax, VA was paid $100 by Craddock for Delegate in 2005. He was also paid $4,792 by Connaughton for Lieutenant Governor in 2005 for various expenses.

Sophrosyne said:

Does all payment have to be disclosed? What if it was from an individual (and not a campaign committee)?

James Young said:

Vince revealed a relationship with the Connaughton campaign after the primary, as I recall. I don't believe that he ever indicated that his blogging activities were compensated; my impression was that he was a paid staffer independent of his blogging. Perhaps he could condescend to clarify the issue on this "worst blog."

Sophrosyne said:

In the comments on Republitarian Vince said the following:

At 7:23 PM, Too Conservative said...


of course.
At 7:27 PM, republitarian said...

How much do you get, Vince? Do you have a scale or something?
At 8:59 PM, Too Conservative said...



how'd you even know?

i've disclosed though....and I don't get paid to write SPECIFICALLY about people.

The fact that he says "I don't get paid to write specifically about people" (as opposed to "I didn't") leads me to believe he is still being paid... and paid to blog since it is implied he is paid to write, just not about specific people. I am also confused why he asks "how'd you even know" when he claims he himself disclosed this...

Not sure I understand what is going on.

It was sarcasm which doesn't make it out on sites.

Just as with Craddock, Staton, and others, I have always said on the site who I support and am working for.

Now, I am working hard for Jackson Miller, as I disclosed a while ago.

Thus..the sign on the left.

I am doing a big post tonight.

Charles said:

Which leads me to only one minor complaint, which is that those of us who have full-time jobs, wives, and kids, who volunteer to help candidacies probably shouldn't be measured against a high school kid who gets paid.

Even though you likely work much more than what you get paid for.

Sophrosyne said:

So you are in fact NOT paid to blog by anyone?

Sophrosyne said:

PS: Saw your post on TC, congrats on Baylor and best of luck...

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