VCAP on the Budget Agreement

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From the latest VCAP email, discussing the budget and the usual Chichester absurdity:

The House Republicans ignored the name calling and stood firm. They stood on principle. They would not yield.

Why this amazing turnaround from 2004 when Senator Chichester pushed through the biggest tax hike in history?

It is because of you and VCAP.

The full update is below the fold...

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Dear XXXX,

“God, they’re dumb as rocks.”

So said Senate Finance Chairman and tax-raising- RINO John Chichester about the House of Delegates budget negotiators.

What did he use to measure the collective intelligence of the House Republicans?

An I.Q. test?

College GPAs?

Who they voted for on “American Idol”?

No. Senator Chichester – “a relentless force for higher taxes and the principal cause of the past three budget breakdowns” (according to the Richmond Times Dispatch) – called House Republicans “dumb as rocks” for one reason.

They opposed tax increases.

Shortly after Senator Chichester made his thoughtful observation on the intellectual firepower of the House Republicans, a budget agreement was reached.

It contained no tax increases.

The House Republicans ignored the name calling and stood firm. They stood on principle. They would not yield.

Why this amazing turnaround from 2004 when Senator Chichester pushed through the biggest tax hike in history?

It is because of you and VCAP.

Following the tax hike of 2004, VCAP reached out to conservatives who still believed in limited government, low taxes, and individual freedom, and asked them to join in changing the General Assembly.

You answered VCAP – and a tax hike in Henrico County was defeated.

You contributed to VCAP – and two tax hiking Republican Delegates left the General Assembly.

You worked with VCAP – and open seats have been won by tax-cutting Republicans.

You spoke out with VCAP – and House Republicans in 2006 held firm against the tax hike.

That is why John Chichester could huff and puff but nothing happened.

You and VCAP stood in the gap for the taxpayers of Virginia.

But forces are already planning to snatch this victory away from you.

Tax raising Senator John Watkins said: “That pot is going to have to boil for about two more years.”

Why two years? Because no Senate Republican will want to raise taxes in 2007 – an election year. But in 2008 they will be back and the pot will be boiling.

You can expect Chichester-Stosch-Norment-Watkins to be pushing for a tax hike in 2008.

They might not even wait that long. The General Assembly may be back again this year and who knows what they may try to slip in during a special session.

This seemingly never ending fight over taxes is going to continue until we take the next step.

Restore a conservative majority to the Virginia Senate.

The tax raisers of the Senate are up for renomination and reelection in 2007. If they are sent back to Richmond, they will view their reelection as vindication of their tax raising antics.

The time is now for historic change.

VCAP is ready – again – to stand and speak and fight. Will you join again for this final push to victory?

VCAP is already undertaking two historic projects that will take conservatives a great way to victory.

VCAP is recruiting one-million conservatives statewide to form a solid conservative voting block to advance the principles and causes in which we believe.

One million modern day minutemen – ready at a moment’s notice to defeat liberals and their agenda.

We will never lose another election if we succeed in mobilizing one million conservatives.

The second project is the first Conservative Convention. Conservatives from all over Virginia will come together for a convention to set the agenda for Virginia’s future. Already presidential hopefuls are planning to attend and make their cases. You can be sure that tax raising Senate Republicans will be watching as well.

These two projects have the potential to form a permanent conservative governing majority in Virginia.

All we need is you.

Will you join with VCAP and be part of the historic efforts of 2007?

Will you be part of the team that changes the Senate of Virginia?

Will you be part of the voices that answer those who view conservatives as “dumb as rocks”?

VCAP’s record is one of victory. The biggest victory is coming in 2007.

VCAP is earnestly trying to identify one million conservative voters through our VOICE program. Will you do you part and tell five of your friends about our effort to "Move Virginia in the Right Direction?"

Click here and tell your friends to join the revolution to elect conservative leadership.

If your friends go to our website and sign up for our email updates, we can keep them informed of the conservative movement taking place over the next 18 months. We will also be able to share with them the opportunity to hear the 2008 Republican Presidential candidates speak at our Conservative Convention on November 11.

Just tell a friend about VCAP and do your part for the conservative movement!

Such a small way to help...but such a huge way to make a difference!

Robin DeJarnette
Virginia Conservative Action PAC

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winconservative said:

No Thanks, I think I'll give my money directly to candidates I support. In my humble opinion VCAP is just another self serving opportunistic organization looking for a piece of the conservative pie.(MONEY)

You can also make an arguement that vcap has hurt as many people as they have helped. Look at our loses over the past year. VCAP might be nice in rural areas but in suburbia (NOVA) they are a complete nightmare.

Several good conservative republicans have been pushed out essentially by VCAP and replaced by DEM's. I would rather have a republican I agreed with 80% than a democrat in office any time. This is coming from someone who DID NOT support the tax increase.

Sophrosyne said:

I post merely for public reference and place no endorsement on VCAP’s claims. They pursue a very difficult task (knocking off entrenched incumbents) so I am not surprised at their mixed success… I defer to Shaun Kenney as the blogosphere’s resident VCAP expert.

winconservative said:

Thanks for the clarification. Not a problem.

You can give to conservative political action committee's now and good conservative candidates, or pay higher taxes later... again, and again, and again, as the bill comes each year again.

When was the last time the Pubs kicked butt in NOVA, when Jim Gilmore cut the car tax... When will NOVA Pubs and challengers get up the nerve again to demand a tax break for the people of NOVA? They might win for a change.

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