Vernon Robinson for Congress

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Yeah, he's in another state, but watching this advertisement might inspire you to overlook such parochial concerns.

I didn't know anything about him until 10 minutes ago when that link landed in my inbox, but he seems to be on the right side of the issues.

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Terry M said:

Thanks Joe. That ad is terrific and fits you and your friends to a T. And you all worry about the Gay Agenda... lol lol lol lol Hey, send that to the Allen and Davis camps. we Dems need all the help we can get

Why Terry, thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately I can't vouch for anything I post here "fitting" any of the other bloggers since we rarely talk; and I suspect they put up with me like the crazy uncle who owns the beach house just because I manage the blog.

For the record, though, I don't worry about the Gay Agenda. Until gays start sawing people's heads off, I have other agendas to worry about.

I liked the flying saucers part...didn't you?

This guy is a FREAK.

This ad is disgusting, and mean spirited.

zimzo said:

Joe, sometimes I think you might actually be a liberal secretly trying to sabotage conservatism.

Here's a piece by Jack Kemp discussing why he withdrew his endorsement of Robinson and why he believes the Republican party has forgotten its roots:

If the Republican party has become too extremist for Jack Kemp, I wonder how independents and moderate voters are going to feel about voting for the party of gay bashing and immigrant bashing in November.


It's not competing against Sophie's Choice. It's a political marketing piece created to draw numerous sharp distinctions in a sound-bite allotment of time.

He uses the gay images as overtly negative images, I grant you - but he obviously is appealing to the demographic for whom such images are negative. Your typical middle American FREAKS in other words. Aren't the exact same images employed during gay pride week by the non-freaks for similarly political purposes?

I'd be curious to know what else you found objectionable. Maybe just the fact it isn't...polite?

You'll learn, over time, that politeness is not a virtue in every circumstance.


Whoever you are, you are ungodly well-read, I must admit.

Not necessarily well informed, though. Jack Kemp is an idiot if he still believes what he wrote in that 2004 column. I'll cut him some slack because in 2004 I agreed with his position.

New information has come to light since then. Unless Jack is living in a castle somwhere and avoiding all news, I'm guessing he may have reconsidered his "pro-immigrant" position.

If not...well, it would be AWFULLY hard to cut Jack loose with all the fond memories I have of the 1996 presidential campaign, but I suppose I'd just be forced to do it.

BTW the situation is not static, so appealing to independent and moderate voters in several months will become easier because more and more of them will have been personally affected by illegal immigration.

Also, who says it's the Republicans who will be doing the appealing? Any Republican who holds Jack Kemp's views will not get my vote, and I am not alone.

Old Pol said:

Too Conservative,

This spot was created to shift the dynamics of the campaign. Many candidates do this. One off the wall, original spot ment to cut through the day to day buzz of the campaign season and at the same time win some free media. I think this spot is briliant. I bet the ad buy was originaly very small, I hope he raises enough to make a huge buy this fall.

Moderate 5-19 said:

What this ad says to me is that Robinson believes "hate speech" is a traditional Amrican value.

There is a better and more Godly way to stand up for the issues you believe in.

I can't believe anyone would want this man to represent them.

Wow, I am going to have to listen to that ad again when I'm not at the office because M 5-19, whose opinion I tend to respect, must have picked up something I missed completely.

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