Yes, Virginia, there IS a problem, pt 2

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Responding to commenter Zimzo's suggestion that opponents of illegal immigration are borderline racists, a Help Save Herndon member replies:

Zimzo uses the same old pro-illegal alien attack and labels everyone as a racist. This approach is old and laughable and not very creative. Zimzo is truly an amateur when it comes to using the bigot and racist argument.

Zimzo uses the La Raza, Casa De Maryland, and LULAC mantra to attack with the "Racist" paint brush and then tries to blend facts with fiction. An illegal alien is not an immigrant.

Since we are dealing with "fact", who in HelpSaveHerndon is "racist" Zimzo? You spend a lot of energy defending criminals yet spend little or no time trying to understand why Americans simply choose not to live in a society that does not respect the law.

When you get a break from blogging try walking the W&O trail and see the illegal immigrants living out of cars and in the woods. You may also want to open your eyes and visit the Herndon court on Wednesday at 9:30. Witness for yourself what illegal aliens bring to your community. Not racist, just fact.

HelpSaveHerndon is comprised of informed citizens who have spent the time and energy to understand the issues. We have been active in the legislative process and have been extremely effective in local politics. We are also successful in getting laws passed. One recent success was the passage of two bills recently signed by Tim Kaine which prohibits non-citizens from voting. Their names have been scrubbed from voter lists. Zimzo could view this as a racist act but we Virginians want Virginians to vote not illegal aliens.

Click here for more information on this topic.

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stay puft marshmallow man said:

this is interesting:

If I keep acting like a rascist, and people keep calling me out on it, after a while I'll be able to say,

"Zimzo uses the same old pro-illegal alien attack and labels everyone as a racist. This approach is old and laughable and not very creative. Zimzo is truly an amateur when it comes to using the bigot and racist argument."
say; "

it's like the exact opposite of the boy who cried wolf! Brilliant!

That's a clever reply and I do appreciate sharp wit.

The Help Save Herndon writer, however, said that because they've been getting accused of racism for the past year by professionals - the local advocacy groups that have been very vocal throughout the fight over the Herndon Day Labor center. Not to mention much of the local meda. HSH and the Minutemen have gotten blasted by the press, crowds of demonstrators, literature circulated in town, "experts" of different types, slogans painted on their property, etc. They've heard it all, and more, already.

Moderate 5-19 said:

I went the “Help Save Herndon” website with the full intention of joining the group or at least showing them support. (I think you all know how I feel about the issue of illegal immigration, I’ve posted many comments on this issue). I must say I found the site to be rather partisan and somewhat disturbing. I don’t want to use the word “racist” but some things were, let’s just say unneeded. Example “ …. Charge with kidnapping and molesting”. This did not happen because this person was illegal. It happened because he was a depraved person. I don’t think we need to use these types of tactics to fight illegal immigration. They are illegal, that is where we should put our emphasis. Having visited the “Help Save Herndon” site, I continue to oppose illegal immigration just as strong as ever. (I’ve even written an editorial to the local papers on this issue); but I would not join this group and I don’t approve of some of their tactics.

M 5-19,

The increase in crime in affected areas is a dimension of the problem. The HSH news feeds, while I don't know the algorithm they run on, pick up this kind of stuff. You know this site as well as I do by now so I'd just say read the TJ Bonner transcript from last month and look at Amy's posts from Herndon.

Somewhere on the HSH message board a while back they had some data from the town of Herndon showing that since the town became an anchor point for illegal aliens crime has increased much more rapidly than in previous years.

The item you referred to wasn't on the scrolling news feed a minute ago when I went over so I couldn't check it out, but I can assure you I don't detect any racism in the group. When I first met them in February, this was the principal topic of discussion.

Don't take my word for anything, but that's my take. If you're in the area, you should spend a little time talking to some of the people in HSH (or, now, HSL!). Aubrey, Phil, Butch, Susan, John et al. In terms of political alignment, you will not FIND a more "moderate" group because most are disgusted with both parties.

I think you'd be as impressed with them as I was.

Moderate 5-19 said:


Maybe I should not judge so fast, I am willing to take a second look at HSH.

I however, must say even if having illegal’s in a community did not increase crime at all, I would still oppose illegal immigration for the many reasons I have previously stated.

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