27th State Senate District: Holtzman Vogel vs Tate

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Some news this week regarding the 27th State Senate District and the developing GOP primary candidates lining up to face liberal Republican Russ Potts in 2007.

First, we learn that Jill Holtzman Vogel has an astounding amount of cash on hand:




27th District GOP Contender Raises Over $330,000 for Senate Bid

WARRENTON – The Exploratory Committee for 27th District Republican State Senate Candidate Jill Holtzman Vogel today announced a fundraising total of over $330,000 for the period ending June 30, 2006.

David Rensin, the Committee’s Finance Chairman, today reported that $330,655.49 has been raised to support Jill Holtzman Vogel’s efforts to fill the 27th Senate District seat currently held by Sen. Russell Potts. The election will be held in November 2007.

Over the past several months, Holtzman Vogel has been traveling the district, meeting with grassroots activists and citizens, and beginning to set up a campaign organization designed to secure the Republican nomination for State Senate.

“I’m very grateful for the strong early support I’ve received from throughout the district. Already, an army of volunteers have stepped up to encourage me to run and support me financially,” said Holtzman Vogel.

“The voters are concerned about the way the community is growing, the transportation problems plaguing the entire region, and ensuring that our Commonwealth has a budget that addresses our needs while holding the line on taxes and excessive spending. From my years of experience in the public and private sectors, I know firsthand what it will take to be an effective representative in Richmond,” she continued.

Holtzman Vogel, a Warrenton attorney who was born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, has received support from key community leaders throughout the 27th District, including Dick Shickle, Chairman of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, and Jim Brownell, former Chairman of the Loudon County Board of Supervisors.

“People know and respect Jill. They value her leadership, her record of accomplishments and appreciate her roots in the Valley. People in our community very much want to see her elected and are willing to raise the money to help her win,” said Shickle.

“Jill is a great candidate and no one is surprised that she has received such large early support. It’s a 2007 Senate election that has drawn a lot of attention and supporters have stepped up early in the process to endorse her and it has obviously made a difference,” said Brownell.

Shickle and Brownell are part of a coalition of leaders and activists that have publicly announced their support for Holtzman-Vogel. In the coming weeks, the Exploratory Committee will make formal announcements regarding campaign leadership and additional endorsements from key figures across the district.

Jill Holtzman Vogel is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and earned a law degree from DePaul University. She has held several senior posts in the Republican Party and in the Bush Administration, including serving as Chief Counsel to the Republican National Committee during the 2004 Presidential election and Deputy Counsel at the Department of Energy. In recent years, Jill has built a national law practice specializing in government ethics, election law and non-profit work. She and her husband, Alex Vogel, have four children.


Then we see in the Winchester Star (free registration required to view) that Jill's primary opponent, former (and current) Senate candidate Mark Tate, is having some trouble with campaign finance reports related to his 2003 campaign.

If state Senate candidate Mark Tate does not update his campaign finance reports, he will not be on the ballot in 2007, a state official said on Tuesday.

“State law will prohibit him from gaining access to the ballot until such time that these reports are filed ...,” said Chris Piper, a campaign finance administrator for the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Tate, a Republican seeking the 27th District Senate seat, has not filed a campaign finance report since July 2003, Piper said.

His committee — Friends of Mark Tate — is still active. A $500 unpaid penalty has been assessed because he has not filed the semiannual reports required by state law.

We'll see what happens as this race unfolds.

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As one of Pott's constituents, forget about it!

Everybody in his district absolutely loves the man.

So even if some idiot were to beat him during the GOP primary (rather doubtful, it's already been tried last go-around), Sen. Potts will just run as an independent and clean house!

Sophrosyne said:

Everybody in his district absolutely loves the man.

Are you kidding?

As to Mark Tate losing to a lying Potts by only a handful of votes... that was before his absurd dash to the left. While it isn't yet clear WHO will knock Potts out in the primary and/or general (assuming Potts doesn't back down like a coward, realizing what he has coming) it is pretty apparent that Potts won't be a State Senator for much longer... unless he moves to Alexandria or Arlington where the people will agree with his radical views.

27th constituent said:

Soprosyne, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
I' have done a little personal exploration on the different candidates and one thing impressed me about Holtzman. This is her quote: "The voters are concerned about the way the community is growing, the transportation problems plaguing the entire region, and ensuring that our Commonwealth has a budget that addresses our needs while holding the line on taxes and excessive spending." Much of her financial support within the 27th district comes from developers and constuction related industries so according to her we must not be growing enough in the valley. I agree and we do need more housing, development and growth out here in the valley and Mrs. Holtzman is just the person to bring us this enormous growth. If we are lucky we will look like Manassas in another 10 years with all their cool shopping malls and good restraunts. All I can say is that I hope if she is elected we will have the giant movie theater put in they have been talking about in Winchester/Frederick for a while.

GOPHokie said:

MS, Potts can only run as a GOP or indy. If he files for the GOP primary then he can only run as a write-in if he loses the primary.
We have a different system from CT.

Sophrosyne said:

Good point GOPHokie, thanks.

Sophrosyne said:

Also let's not forget that Jill is good friends with Robin DeJarnette over at VCAP so she will likely get VCAP support in the primary... not exactly sure what that means but just something to consider.

GOPHokie said:

Jill on the board of directors for VCAP and has the endorsement of almost everyone on that board as well.

RedBull said:

I've been following this race rather closely over on my blog. Here is the most recent post:


I live in the 27th District and I am of the opinion that it will be a three-way race with Potts on the ballot as an Independent. You can fully expect a Democrat, in the mold of Mark Herring, to be on the ballot from Loudoun County.

There is no way Potts will win a primary. In addition a primary is too expensive.

Potts is better off to let Tate and Holtzman blow all their $$ in a primary. That way he can focus on the general election.

27th constituent said:

I have heard VCAP is now going to be taking a back seat to Virginians for a Conservative State Senate (VCSS) Anyone else hear this?

rtwng extrmst said:

Wait a minute. Didn't Pottsie make some comment last fall that that was going to be his last run for elected office?

anonymous said:

Here in Middleburg people are saying that Mark is gay (!). Call me a cynic, but thats going to blow up.

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