Africa leading America

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How have American protestant churches gone so far astray? As we enter the 4th of July holiday, Americans should take a moment to examine their lives, and ask if we are still honoring God, even at the lowest level in lipservice.

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stay puft marshmallow man said:

Are americans honoring god? i went to a wesleyan church service on the 2nd, let me tell you, flags all over the place, the extended version of the national anthem, quires singing tributes to the 5 branches of the armed service while a photo-montage of images of tanks racing across the desert and crews loading missiles on jet fighters on aircraft carriers was projected onto a screen which had been hung in front of the cross at the front of the church. crazy shit. and after everyone had gotten off on america's ability to wage war, we all stood and sung, "let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me" with no sense of irony. NO IRONY! no humility, either. we should have just chanted USA USA USA for an hour. I couldn't tell if we were worshiping gods glory or america's. by the time the pastor gave a sermon in which he used the parable of the good samaritan to justify the war in iraq, I was too numb to object. the christian conservative movement needs to realize that political power and religious piety are incompatible with each other. power corrupts... where's Jesus when you need him?

That sounds like quite a church...I also am skeptical about weaving current events too tightly into the central message. To the extent the Christian conservative movement still exists, I think many within it would agree with your statement about power.

I'd be interested in knowing what the preaching is like on regular Sundays. Also, knowing how you ended up there...let me guess, you met one of Ann Arbor's conservative hotties and she dragged you along?

stay puft marshmallow man said:

ok, it was the 4th of July service, so it's bound to be a patriotic love-fest to some extent, but come on! 'Jesus' didn't come up until 25 minutes into an hour long service

I was there visiting family... psychoanalyze that!

I'm with you, Puft, no need for psychoanalysis. Churches can be funny places.

stay puft marshmallow man said:

alright, we've found some common ground! allahu akbar!

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