Corey Stewart for PWC Chairman?

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While Too Conservative commented on this Washington Post article in his unabashed attempt to pull a ‘Chapman’ on conservative Occoquan Supervisor Corey Stewart (without any real justification I might add)… I was glad he brought it to our attention, even if he did place the actual link deep in the comments, presumably so less people would read the full article.

After reading the WaPo article it seems pretty clear that Stewart is the limited government, fiscal conservative in the race… not one who believes PWC should drift from its core responsibilities of education, transportation, public safety, etc and focus on broad social service endeavors (as Supervisors Caddigan and Nohe apparently do). Stewart wants to do well what only government can do and then empower the people (via reduction of the tax burden) as a much more efficient engine for those in need. Sounds very Reagan-esque to me.

And let’s not forget that Stewart seems to be right on the growth issue:

"We have good tools" to control growth, he said. "The biggest one is the power to rezone. We unfortunately have not been using it effectively, and this board over the past two years has approved virtually every major rezoning that has come before it, including an additional 5,000 new homes along Route 1, which is already congested."

Although Connaughton's supporters point to the hundreds of miles of roads built or widened in recent years, Stewart said that building roads within the county is not enough considering that Prince William's two main arteries -- I-66 and I-95 -- have not been improved.

"The only thing we can do is to slow the residential growth to give the state and the federal government the time to catch up with infrastructure that's needed," he said.

The bottom line is that tax bills are going through the roof and local government needs to be focused on the most important issues if PWC is to have good schools and safe streets and sensible growth based on the reality of I-66 and I-95. To simply dismiss Stewart’s appealing approach to these issues makes no sense.

We here at NOVA Town Hall look forward to learning more about all the candidates as this race unfolds… and we hope, rather than engage in some petty smear attack, there will be a civil dialogue on who is the best candidate.

UPDATE: More good (and fair) information on all of the potential candidates can be found here.

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Craig said:

I know that there are a few people who have begun to cover the candidates. You might be interested in reading my breakdown on the candidates that I published a few days back ( It is my plan to try and talk to more of the candidates on record. So far I published a two parter last week on Stewart but Marty Nohe has also agreed to sit down with me sometime in the near future (although he is not a declared candidate as of yet).

Sophrosyne said:

Thanks Craig... I added your link to the main post.

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