Famous Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit Couple Separates

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The couple, whose lawsuit resulted in the Massachusetts State Supreme Court ruling legalizing same sex marriage, has separated after 2 years. As you may remember, the couple has a 10 year old daughter. It’ll be interesting to continue to see how long same sex marriages last…

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Terry M said:

Gee, so now you are rooting for gay relationships to fail as implied by your last post. Where is the family values in that?? You want a 10 year old to lose a parent?? Ever think that maybe the marriage failed because of all the outside pressure on them for having the courage to go public with their desire to build a family?? I'm sure it was one of the factors..and guess what. Gay people have faults and problems maintaining a relationship just like many straight couples. What could be more normal..and sad.

zimzo said:

If the divorce rates among gays are equal to the divorce rates among straights, then 40% to 50% will end in divorce. And gay Christians would be more likely to divorce than gay atheists, while Baptists have the highest divorce rate among all Christians and people who live in the Bible Belt have the highest divorce rate of all Americans.

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