Fire Ants on the Rise in Virginia

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Via the AP:

Fire ants are showing up in greater numbers in coastal Virginia, much to the alarm of gardeners and farmers who dare disturb their nests.

"The way they bite, you would think they were the size of an alligator ... " said Carl Lohafer, a Virginia Beach resident who discovered colonies in his yard two years ago. "It was like a hot poker jabbing you."

Hopefully these nasty little beasts don't advance any further north...

Experts believe the ants will reach a northern point where the winter weather will stop their progress, perhaps Richmond or northern Virginia.

Learn more here.

UPDATED: Due to popular demand (well, at least one comment below, sort of) I am linking to the Top Ten Tips on Fighting Fire Ants (courtesy of AMDRO Fire Ant Baits)- check it out here. Enjoy!

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charles said:

They are not friendly.

I was in Galveston on vacation a long time ago, playing golf with my wife. My ball, as usual, was under a bush. And due to the direction of the green, I had to back into the bush in order to hit the ball.

After a few seconds, I started feeling pricks all over my leg -- turns out there was a large fire ant hill under the bush, and I had kicked it.

Fortunately, I was wearing shorts, not pants -- and fortunately my wife was carrying bug spray with her, which I applied immediately and liberally.

But I had welts for a week after that. I'm glad I wasnt allergic.

I'd still rather have fire ants than african bees or flying cockroaches.

Shaun Kenney said:

Fire ants are not fun. In fact, they embody the opposite of fun.

How to kill them all -- that's information I want!!!

Sophrosyne said:

I've added an educational component to the post in order to help us all kill the fire ants and beat back their invasion of Virginia.

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