Judy Feder Needs to Read the Constitution

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Sooooo....This week's Loudoun Easterner has this interesting quote from Judy Feder on page two:

...there are no gas pumps in the 10th District that can sell ethanol. I will assure that at least half of those gas station[sic] will handle ethanol.

A million cool points to the first person who can find for me, in the US Constitution, where it gives US Congressmen the power to regulate businesses within their own district.

She's gonna have to do better than that if she wants Wolf's office.

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That's correct. But the power of the purse is in the constitution, and the same way Wolf stays in office by bringing resrouces into the district can be used to bring funds to help set up ethanol pumps.

winconservative said:

Once again, Feder would be better off representing San Fransico.

Good post, NR. Good to have you back. One thing we can be sure of is Feder will get extensive coverage in most of the local papers for the next five months.

No Relation said:

Thanks, Joe. And as long as the coverage continues, I will be here to mock her. Speaking of the coverage, did anyone else find it odd that Feder blabbing about ethanol made the headline over a small caption of Frank Wolf fighting for millions to fund anti-gang task forces in our area?

Greg, interesting point. Usually when I hear someone trying to gain power using words like "will" and "I assure", I think of mandates and regulations. But who knows, maybe I misunderstood her. Which leads to my next question of what is her plan to accomplish this? Does she actually have a plan, or is she just doing the usual Democrat thing by whining about what she wants to do without having any idea about how to do it?

Speaking of which...I just filled up my truck at the Leesburg Shell, where I was surprised to see a sign that read something like, "This fuel now contains up to 10% ethanol."...WHAT?!?...I thought no stations in the 10th district sold ethanol. So what did she mean by her statement? Did she mean pure ethanol pumps? Does she have any idea what she's saying at all?

By the way, while ethanol may burn cleaner, the Shell has information posted inside about how bad ethanol is for the environment when it is released unburned.

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