Latest Rasmussen Polling Data On Marriage

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While this doesn’t necessarily translate into support for the Virginia Marriage Amendment or any other state initiative to protect the definition of marriage by elevating existing law into the constitution and out of the reach of activist judges, I thought this June 22 polling data was interesting (although it is unfortunate that the crosstabs are only available to paid subscribers). First, we again see that an overwhelming majority of voters across the United States embrace the obvious, that marriage is fundamentally the union of the two complementary parts of the full human organism (one-man, one-woman):

Look up the word marriage in The American Heritage Dictionary and the first entry reads “the legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.” Read a little further and the following definition is found: “a union between two persons having the customary but usually not the legal force of marriage.”

While the dictionary can’t provide a definitive explanation of marriage, 68% of Likely Voters take the traditional approach and define marriage as the union of a man and a woman. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that only 29% believe marriage can be the union of any two people. [Emphasis mine]

It is also worth noting that the people overwhelmingly favor direct ballot initiatives such as the Virginia Marriage Amendment when discussing who determines what constitutes marriage (i.e. how marriage is defined):

Despite all the legal and legislative maneuvering, just 12% of Americans believe that judges should determine issues like same-sex marriage. Only 5% think that elected officials should make those decisions. Overwhelmingly, 67% think that voters should make such decisions. [Emphasis mine]

Rasmussen ran a related poll discussing whether or not it is appropriate for individuals in an active same-sex relationship to serve as pastors and bishops in a Christian church. Not surprisingly:

The only demographic group to favor gay and lesbian pastors are those who rarely or never attend church.

More church related data discussed here.

Now get out there and work hard ob behalf of the positive campaign to protect the definition of marriage as one-man, one-woman via the Marriage Amendment! Sign-up to get involved by clicking this link.

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zimzo said:

And did Rasmussen poll on the question of whether people support gay civil unions or straight domestic partnerships since that is really what the Virginia anti-gay and straight partnership amendment is about. Most polls show that a majority of people support gay civil unions. It is only when the word "marriage" is used that support goes down. And I would also be willing to bet that most people don't support invalidating contract between heterosexual domestic partners.

And according to this Washington Post article, it looks like support for your side may have peaked:

David said:

Yes, what a shame for amendment supporters that it isn't predominantly about marriage.

I hate to tell you, but this polling data isn't exactly earth shattering.

Still waiting for you to answer my questions.

zimzo said:

Here's an example of the kind of shameful judicial activism that this amendment will hopefully save Virginians from. A judge in North Carolina has defied the legislature to declare that the law banning unmarried couples from living together is unconstitutional:


I'll have an answer shortly on the CCV question. I don't know exactly what your other questions to Sophrosyne were.

Sophrosyne said:

Yes David, what are your questions? I apologize I haven't had the time to read all the comments like I used to... busy times with work and then the Marriage Amendment campaign.

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