NOVA TownHall updates

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-Warm welcome to Aislinn, our newest blogger! I'm going to give you absolutely no information about Aislinn except to say it is a wonderful thing to have another well-read, grassroots-savvy, articulate conservative on board to help balance out my paranoid, late-night jeremiads.

-There will be more discussion of the Virginia Marriage Amendment than you can shake a stick at, whatever that means. Thanks to Soph for the latest contributions in the Carnival.

-I'll be back on board soon. Sometimes the Internet is like pumpkin pie with Cool Whip: After having a bit too much, something deep down inside tells you it's time to walk away for awhile.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, as usual much of the action here at NVTH Blog is in the comment areas. And I don't just mean comments, I mean essays. So if you don't see a new post at the top there's a good chance it's because one or more of us is down in the arena grappling with the other Luchadors. The latest matches are going on here and here.

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Sophrosyne said:

Mmmm, Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip!

Don't ask why I know this, but after the 3rd piece you won't try it again for 10 years

Aislinn said:

Thanks for the welcome, Joe. It's great to be on board!

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