TC: Blog Fu You!

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There is a small number of blogs that push the envelope demonstrating the unique responsive reporting power of this medium. I don't necessarily count this one among them.

I do, however, count Black Velvet Bruce Lee. If you are not reading that man every day, your priorities are seriously askew. I cannot believe the stuff he comes up with.

Tonight, for instance, BVBL reveals that our old buddy Too Conservative is apparently the victim of a hostile takeover. And wouldn't you know it, the same week that TC got himself a national scoop.

Because of things that happened over the past couple months - which I shall not reveal because I do not trade every bit of inside information I receive for personal gain - I must attribute this little imbroglio to divine retribution, with Mitch Cumstein as the instrument of eternal justice.

Getting hacked is a b-tch, but sometimes what goes around comes around.

Vince, I hope someday we will look back on all of this and laugh.

UPDATE: Hoo daddy, BVBL is not the only observer.

Also check here.


And here.

Even if you are not from Northern VA, you will likely find those links interesting.

As a wise man once said:

With great power, comes great responsibility.

UPDATE II: Let's be sure to stipulate that Vince is a kid, and a very politics-savvy kid. Vince got nabbed for playing games on his Web site. He'll come out of this a little more humble, and in the long run no one will hold it against him. The experience will build character and toughness. When he graduates, I expect he will be the next Rove or Carville.

UPDATE III: Vince responds.

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Greg Letiecq said:

Thanks for the kind words, and I share your hope that we all sit down over a beer or four someday and have a good laugh together about all this. That is, after we finish all out work on getting that marriage amandment enacted and have time to relax!

Charles said:

If true, I'm glad the information about TC is out, but I'm not sure I'd like it to end like this.

Hopefully, as they say in the movies, this is only the beginning.

Once the kid hits 21 I bet he's going to be a pretty decent fellow. At his age, I was imprudent, to say the least.

Charles said:

I contacted Vince, and he provided a response which I have posted at my site, at

Vincent (TC) responds regarding tonight's events

As I suspected, it seems his site has not been taken over, just turned off while Vincent makes sure the ip information "Elvis" posted wasn't obtained by hacking the site.

Thank you for the words, and links.

We'll have to get together one of days I am back.

I hope not to see my comments here up on a smear site!

Not Larry Sabato said:

Excellent Update #2

Charles said:

I think we all would agree that we don't want to see out comments up on a smear site, or see our names smeared by blogs, either anonymously or not.

Maybe some of the people who loved the old BVBL because it was smearing someone they hated will at least have some understanding now of the other side of the coin.

People, and especially public figures who also make enemies, all learn the lesson sometime that the truth can always come out, no matter how much you try to hide it. Many a politician has had a career ruined by that simple fact. Better to not do things that must be kept hidden.

Th Internet is kind of a good dress rehearsal for life. When I grow up, for instance, I'm going get a non-controversial job, vacation in Branson, MO, and never express an opinion beyond what flavor of syrup I want with my griddle cakes.

Joe G. said:

Kinds words indeed.

I would imagine TC should offer some kind of apology for his misleading blogging and unethical practices.

James Young said:

I think there's still some question as to whether the allegations are true, which is why I was rather noncommital with my comments. Applying my general rule about anonymous/pseudonymous blogging, there is certainly good reason to doubt the validity of charges made by someone unwilling to attach his name to it.

Charles said:

Everything Vincent has said and done since the revelation lends credence to the truthfulness of the underlying charge, thus the complaint about the person who revealed the information.

I have little doubt any more that the information is accurate, although I also have no proof.

James Young said:

Well, Charles, that may be true. I'm not willing to reach a conclusion. Yet. I believe we are owed a flat denial, or an admission, and he certainly is entitled to some time to make it. After an appropriate period, however, the lack of a denial will speak for itself.

Charles said:

But more important than Vincent and this particular occurance is the general ethics involved, and how different bloggers feel about it.

I wonder if some bloggers think this was an acceptable thing to do, for example?

James Young said:

I take the position that exposing fraud is ALWAYS a good thing to do, Charles, if that was indeed what was done (I'm still not sure). I don't have the technical ability to do what the King did, even if I wanted to. I can, at best, surmise by looking at the time of each access and the postings. Maybe that's all that it takes. But I've never been so provoked as to do so on any kind of regular basis (I think I may have done it once, in response to the idiocy of the prior BVBL incarnation).

I think what the King did was simply a result of him having admin access to the site and pulling up the log files. Thus it could have been anyone, for example, who was previously a blogger at that site if TC never limited that privilege.

More in the next post...

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