VCAP Raises $1,139,360

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This just in via a VCAP email update:

...The top political committee is D.R.I.V.E. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Voter Education – a national committee associated with the International Teamsters.

The second is Kaine Inaugural 2006 – the committee set up by Gov. Kaine.

The others on the list are committees that you would expect: Moving Virginia Forward, Democratic Party of Virginia, Republican Party of Virginia, Leadership for Virginia’s Future, among others.

But none are in third place for money raised in this election cycle.

That position is held by VCAP.

Yes, VCAP raised more money in this election cycle than any other political organization in Virginia – behind only a national union-related PAC and the Governor’s Inaugural Committee.

VCAP has raised $1,139,360 this election cycle...

Man, how I wish they were members of the Marriage Amendment coalition! 2007 is certainly going to be an interesting year!

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confused said:

Interesting press release by VCAP. I wonder why they are sending this out right now? Are they feeling the heat from another new organization called Virginian's for A Conservative State Senate? The numbers on the press release are also very interesting. I think this year they have raised 143,000 and have about 42,000 cash on hand. A good portion of their total all time income raised comes from one person. I certainly admire this guy giving as much as he has to this cause but it is obvious that VCAP has struggled to raise money from other donors so far this year.

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