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We would like to welcome Jacob Ash as the newest contributor to the NOVA TownHall Blog. Jacob is one of the most interesting dudes I've met in a while, and I invited him to join us after a brief e-mail exchange confirmed that he was smarter, better informed and a better writer than myself. This is the NVTH standard for admission.

I already have a vague idea of some initial things Jacob wants to blog about, and it will be a relief to everyone to know we finally have a blogger here who is a uniter, not a divider. So to all you visitors who like to stop over here and scrap - with the catcalls and sharp elbows and whatnot - I hope you remember where you left your "kinder, gentler" bonnets. You're gonna need 'em.

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10th District Conservative said:

Welcome, Mr. Ash. As you may have heard, I love uniters, but the term is used in so many different ways. Would you care to explain what "uniter, not divider" means to you?

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10th District Conservative:
...Welcome, Mr. Ash. As you may have h

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