27th Senate District: State Board Fines Tate

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Via Leesburg2Day.com:

Mark Tate’s senatorial campaign isn’t getting off to the start for which he had hoped. According to the State Board of Elections, he may have fallen off the face of the planet, because he hasn’t filed his campaign finance disclosure forms since July 2003.

Chris Piper, with the State Board of Elections, said Tate, the co-owner of the Coach Stop Restaurant in Middleburg, has just recently filed some financing paperwork. But if an election were held today, Tate wouldn’t even be allowed to be on the ballot, Piper said.

“We have candidates for whatever reason fall of the face of the earth, but it happens more with political action committees,” he said.

Tate was fined $1,150 for the lapse and is possibly facing more fines if his reports don’t mesh with state laws. Piper said Tuesday he had just gotten Tate’s filings and had not reviewed them, but he believes Tate is still missing two financial disclosure reports.

It sounds like this mess will be easy to correct and Tate gives the following explanation as to why he hasn't yet corrected his paperwork:

Tate said he has been late with getting the reports in because he has been concentrating on U.S. Sen. George Allen’s (R-VA) and U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf’s (R-VA-10) races, both of whom have challengers, and the state’s controversial marriage amendment; Tate is the GOP coordinator of Loudoun’s marriage amendment campaign.

As long as Russ Potts is gone I'll be happy. Both Mark Tate and Jill Holtzman Vogel would be a dramatic improvement in the 27th district.

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Sophrosyne said:

PS: Be sure to check out Jonathan's opportunistic attempt to spin this filing problem into support for the anti-Marriage Amendment coalition's re-herring arguments. Pretty crafty.

Jonathan said:

Thanks Sophrosyne. The lesson we are learning is:

Being a "conservative" means never having to follow the rules or say you're sorry.

If you're going to take the moral high ground, you had better act with moral integrity. Are you disputing Dan Telvock's reporting? Is Mark Tate the Loudoun GOP coordinator for the anti-gay Marshall-Newman amendment?

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