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You're going to want to go read BVBL (which originally stood for Blog-Fu: Vendetta By Law! - probably a sketchy translation of some Chinese phrase).

I had resolved to ignore politics until late September, but something compels me to jump in now:

Could the Democrats have possibly ended up with a worse candidate than Judy Feder to run against Frank Wolf? Which demographic in the 10th District was she supposed to win over, the highly-sought, "tax me now" Drooling Nitwit swing voter?

Gas prices are hurting us all, and, unless we act now, it’s only going to get worse.

Our current congressman had many chances to avert this crisis, but instead he went along with the Bush administration and the oil companies at every turn.

What does "acting now" mean for Judy Feder? Apart from voting for Judy Feder, it's extremely hard to say - but I can tell you what it does NOT mean: A google search of her Web site - which is, if nothing else, focused on the topic of energy - returns the following results:

"drill" - 0 results
"refineries - 0 results
"refinery" - 1 result (not in the context one might expect, though)
"nuclear" - 0 results
"big oil" - 180 results

This is not to imply it's wrong to focus on where she sees the core of the problem: the oil companies. But for someone who positions herself as a "scholar" you might expect at least a barely well-rounded discussion of the issue.

Reading Judy Feder's Web site is an experience of the deja vu variety: I think what it reminds me of are Zap comics circa 1973. But before you jump to any conclusions, such as "this woman is not so bright," remember that she's a....PROFESSOR!! (You say that with the same flourish as the punchline of the joke "the Aristrocrats.")

BVBL has a huge jump on everyone else I know of in covering the Feder spectacle, so be sure to visit him frequently thoughout the campaign - such as it is - season.

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Greg Letiecq said:

Welcome to the sideshow of the Judy Feder campaign! You're going to have a lot of fun here, and I welcome you to the show. As an added bonus, the more fun you have, the more fun you'll create when the deranged sycophants of this nutjob leap to her defense in the most hilarious ways. Come see "Tony the Tiger", hear beautiful renditions of that all-time favorite song "feelings", and don't forget to visit the hall of bad photography.

You must be 18 to enter. This campaign is not appropriate for minors, pregnant women, or those with heart conditions.

I was thinking Wolf had this race locked down so I was not going to pay much attention - but I have seen the light. This is going to be a beautiful experience.

Thank you (or I suppose I should thank Bouchillon?) for getting me involved!! I needed a diversion.

Jack said:

I've just read the "issues" section on Feder's website. Her biggest issue, as mentioned above, is Big Oil. She doesn't really say why Small Oil would be better, but that's OK. Big Oil bad. Big Government good. Small Oil good. Small Government bad. Who would disagree with that?

Anyway, the solution to the high gas prices, of course, is to tax Big Oil. She doesn't say how that's going to lower pump prices, when Big Oil passes its costs onto us, but that's OK, too. I guess if you have identified the enemy, it doesn't matter how you attack him, even if you cannot throw the grenade beyond its kill radius.

Speaking of killing, she also wants to increase fuel efficiency standards. We all know what that means: "Mama's got a squeeze box."


she's got issues, all right...

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