"Busted" by the Washington Post

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Oh, this is rich. I can't even give you all the inside details of how extraordinarily rich this story is, but you'll get a real good taste from this post.

First, some background. Let's start with a quote from an attendee at the August 1 NOVA TownHall meeting with Attorney General Bob McDonnell (I haven't done the whole transcript yet, sorry. If you are impatient, pay me.)

The AG had just noted that "Many Virginia and American business people say that they cannot find a sufficient quantity of American citizens to do some of the dirty, hard jobs."

A gentleman stood up and stated the following:

I recently left Sterling Park. It was a very hard decision for me to make. Sterling Park is not the community I grew up in. It's changed for the worse. It's just a situation I couldn't live with anymore. You go to bed with it every night and think about it 24 hours a day...

You made a statement that there are jobs that Americans won't do. But I travel to North Carolina and I see these Americans, like me and everybody sitting in here, doing the dirty jobs down there that supposedly big business up here says that they won't do. Well, they won't do it for slave wages for greedy big businesses. But if you go to North Carolina there's people like me and you and you and you, working at paving the roads, working in the restaurants, doing all the dirty work. You go to Lowes, for god's sake, you can't even speak English to ask for something you want. So it isn't that people won't do those jobs. They won't do them for five cents an hour. And big business is taking advantage of these illegal immigrants...

All of us normal, blue collar folks can't earn a decent wage anymore doing blue collar work around here. It's impossible to do. The construction industry's been taken over by illegal immigrants. You can't make money in it any more. They've undercut the wages. You can go ask anybody who has worked construction and they'll tell you the same thing. They're undercutting everybody. And the way the undercut is, they don't play by the same rules as everybody else. It's like you said, it's an underground economy. And what's the state of Virginia doing to penalize employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants?

This was one of the biggest applause lines of the night.

Now, let's turn to a story that appeared on the front page of the Washington Post on August 7. Here's how it begins:

Constructing Lives off the Soccer Field Latino League Team Owners Attract Athletes With Jobs, Housing

By Nick Miroff
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, August 7, 2006; Page A01

All season long, El Destroyer had been winning, demolishing the competition in the Liga de Manassas with flair and ease. But with the soccer team stuck in a late 1-1 tie last Sunday, Jorge Morales, El Destroyer's owner and coach, was stalking the sideline, hand on cheek, worrying, worrying.

"Nerio," Morales yelled in Spanish, "give it to Nerio!" Moments later, striker Wilmer Zapata saw a chance and centered the ball perfectly to the team's star, who buried it in the net with the suave precision of a professional...

I was with some local citizens a couple weeks ago when one pulled out this edition of the Post and started reading the feel-good story aloud. Ears perked up as it progressed.

After all, Carlos Nerio was a professional three years ago, when he played on one of San Salvador's elite clubs. Now, when he's not scoring goals for his coach, he works for Morales's company, J.K. Carpentry Inc. of Sterling.

Carpentry? Well isn't that special.

Eager to boost their stature on and off the soccer field, owners lure players from far and wide with offers of steady jobs, free housing and money, turning people such as Morales into weekend coaches, weekday bosses and all-the-time landlords. With no rules to keep the cash out, the owners spend large sums with little expectation of financial return, even with $10,000 prizes at stake in the top leagues.

"Players from far and wide," "bosses" and "landlords?" That sounds like a trifecta of some type, does it not?

In return for the chance to make money, on the field and off, players live in cramped, dormitory-style accommodations and spend almost all their hours together, either working, practicing or playing in games.

Those "dormitory-style accommodations" might just be what we once called "the neighbor's house."

Paid $16 an hour, Nerio makes more in a week installing windows and doors than he made in a month as a pro fÃÂștbolista in El Salvador.

$16 an hour in Northern VA as an installer, and likely without benefits or payroll taxes paid. I'm going to guess that, benefits included, legal workers are accustomed to making about twice that much.

Juan Navarrete, the owner of El Salvador de Manassas, El Destroyer's main rival, said he sank $40,000 into his team last year. Navarrete owns a home remodeling company, and this year he's imported five professional players from El Salvador for the season, paying them to play and stabling them rent-free in a house he owns.

"Stabling" imported personnel - well, where in the world might that be? If it was next to you, for instance, how might that change your policy about letting your kids play in the backyard or your daughters walk to and from the bus stop each day?

To keep even with his rival, Morales got athletic visas for three Salvadoran pros who will soon join El Destroyer for the championship run. They'll get $200 per game and free room and board in his home.


Eight players on El Destroyer double as employees of Morales's 45-person company. Most of Morales's workers are Salvadoran, and he maintains that everyone who works or plays for him has legal permission to do so, either through residency or a temporary protected status extended to Salvadorans and nationals of other countries in a state of crisis.

But on some rosters in the Washington leagues, green cards can be as rare as high-scoring games. Some players get to the United States with tourist visas and never go back, although plenty of others, including professionals, come like so many of their compatriots, with a dangerous hike through the desert and a long bus ride. And for many Americans, soccer fans or not, that's a red card.

Or maybe not so ok...

Every Sunday in Manassas, the games produce a kind of impromptu soccer festival, hidden from the rest of the community on the fields behind Stonewall Jackson High School.

Probably not much else happening back there, anyway.

But the big buzz in the Manassas league this season is the group of six young Afro Honduran players Morales relocated from New York last year. They work for Morales year-round, play for his indoor team and live in another house he owns. Few had carpentry experience when they landed in Sterling.

Well how unbelievably nice for the tenants and especially Mr. Morales. Up until recently, legal citizens made a living wage in trades like carpentry and drywall hanging, not to mention contracting. Now, those trades are gone - poof.

"If I don't make it as a professional player, at least I'll have other options," said Jason Guity, 22, shouting above the din of a circular saw at a job site in Gainesville, where he'd spent the week installing baseboards, windows and doorframes on new townhouses...

Morales convinced him to move to Virginia last August to play for El Destroyer, and he now receives $14 per hour building subdivisions. Living with his teammates is cramped but free, he said.

People who once were able to buy houses and raise families in Loudoun County working as rough and finish carpenters, owning contracting businesses and other blue-collar trades are SOL, thanks to people like Mr. Morales and his imported laborers.

Well, as the story was read, some of the details evoked nods of recognition, and it became clear some of the "stables" were right friggin' here.

One person noted "I also wonder if the soccer leagues mentioned in the article are paying for the soccer fields they use as well. I have heard many 'soccer moms' in Loudoun county complain about 'pickup' games that are often playing during the scheduled league practices of their children. They often have to call the cops in order to get the teams that are not scheduled to play off the field, which is difficult to do when there is obviously money riding on the outcome of the 'pickup' games."

A local resident sent this letter to the Washington Post:

Letter to the editor in response to article "Constructing Lives off the Soccer Field" By Nick Miroff published Monday, August 7, 2006

I find it interesting a Washington Post staff writer would find it acceptable for workers on or off the soccer field to live in "cramped, dormitory-style accommodations." Especially when most counties are struggling to combat overcrowding in single family homes in the DC metro area. Do you think the neighbors like it that Mr. Morales has stuffed several players into a home? I doubt the neighbors wanted to live next to a single family home that has been converted into a college style dormitory building which lacks extra parking for everyone to park numerous vans and cars. I also doubt Mr. Morales renovated the fire and safety equipment in the home his players live in prior to renting it out to that many people.

I also wonder if Mr. Morales actually has a business license to conduct work legally in Virginia and Loudoun County where his business, and presumably the house(s) his players live in, are located. I called both Loudoun County and the Virginia DPOR offices to look up Mr. Morales' business licenses. Currently Loudoun County and Virginia have no record of J.K. Carpentry Inc. which means he currently is not paying for business licenses to legally operate in Loudoun County or Virginia. I think we can also safely assume that he is not paying taxes on his business, supporting the various funds mandated by Virginia in case his work is not up to par, and I doubt he is paying for workman's compensation for his employees either like contractors are supposed to do in Virginia.

In other words, by importing cheap labor and otherwise operating his business "under the table" he has a monetary advantage over his competitors who are in compliance with all local and state contracting employment and regulatory laws. Plus, by housing his employees in dormitory like conditions he is most likely ruining the quality of life for the residents who have to endure the overcrowded housing conditions that have been foisted on them by an unscrupulous business owner.

Needless to say, zoning and other relevant agencies in Loudoun County have been alerted and the government's follow-up on the properties in question is being monitored. This won't slide. The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is up for re-election in 2007, so this is the perfect time for each of them to show that our government officials are committed to enforcing laws already on the books.

More than that, it is clear Virginia has a problem. Neighborhoods have taken a huge hit and many people have seen their livlihoods destroyed. When you have spent your whole life building a business as a contractor it seems pretty unfair when you start losing contracts because a competitor can undercut you with cheap labor.

The anger in Northern Virginia, both from homeowners and workers, is palpable. Citizens are annoyed with the local government across the board - Sheriff, Supervisors, Delegates and Senators. Thus far: Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio has been the most focused Loudoun official on solving the problem, advocating much better coordination between the various relevant segments of the county government; Delegate Tom Rust has advocated for more immigration enforcement authority for local law enforcement; Senator Ken Cuccinelli has been the number one stalwart of rationality in Richmond; and Senator Mark Herring has shown sincere interest in addressing these problems brought up by his constituents. I have faith in all these guys, and we in Help Save Loudoun look forward to hearing calls for immediate solutions to the problem of illegal immigrants in Sterling from all the others in our local and state government.

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Arthur De Volve said:

Sounds like a "dormitory style" residence would violate Zoning laws...instant shutdown.

Art, the clock is ticking on our zoning department, that's for sure.

The Changing Face of Virginia Deal with it! said:

It is unfortuante that you all are ignorant to the idea of a multicutural society. You must forget you all are immigrants too. Unless I am mistaken and you have roots of native american in you. As a latino and an american I am insulted by how my fellow americans like yourself agonize over a soccer game and assume everyone is "illegal" that is not white. No human being is illegal! And if you are a member of any of these: Save HERNDON or SAVE Loudoun groups...I have meet many of you when testifying to defend all rsidents of this commonwelath and all of you sound like arrogant uneducated racists! Kilgore, Del. Black all lost last year because of your narrowminded hate you all spew. And you all call yourself christian. Did you forget about Love thy neighbor. I am sure the Native Americans of the continent "America" never aseked for green cards or visas to your ancestors like Columbus, the colonists of Jamestown, Cortez,Ellis Island and Pizarro did they.... We are all americans "created equal". It is is in our constitution that you so easily soil on. It is unfortunate and unamerican how you all seem to fear the same thing. Change is nothing to fear if you start feeling like a minority because there are too many people of color moving into your neighborhood how do you think the indigenous people of this land my ancestors felt when Jamestown was settled!

Color has nothing to do with it, but if you haven't figured that out by now I guess you are never going to. The Washington DC Metro area has been home to many types of people long before the latest illegal immigrants came across the border with Mexico.

Some of those who are here illegally break other rules which leads to a lower quality of life in the community. If that was not the case, there would likely be little controversy about immigration.

When more people observe the zoning and hiring rules everyone is supposed to follow, then we can talk about your other issues.

jacob said:

'The Changing Face of Virginia Deal with it! ' called me a racist!! oooooooh that smaaaarrrrts! Ouch ooch ouch! Please stop, I am gonna shrivel up and die. Its more than I can take. waaaagghh. OK, Back to reality.

The only ignorent I see is the guy who is calling folks racists. If he'd bother to read the posts he'd see
1. We are worried chiefly about security, the problem being who else is coming over the border along with the hard working Mexicans. Hey they are coming here for the same reason my foks did. Except my folks did not break the law. (small detail)

2. Soveriegntry. The US will decide immigration policy for the US. Not Mexico, Canada, Cuba or any other place. Call me cussed, but I like to decide who is coming into my house.

3. Crime. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. When the number of immigrants exceeds a certain level they stop being a benefit. What is that level we can debate all day. And I welcome it, Face. Do you have a better name thn Face??

So, if you want to try something other than screeching and name calling we can engage in thoughtful debate. The jingoistic crap you posted does not do much other than incite anger.


jacob said:

was that you up there?

Jack said:

Pardon me, Changing Face (a good Indian name, I think), but you first claim to be latino, but then refer to "indigenous people" as "my ancestors."

The latinos, being from Spain, are as much invaders as are the rest of the Europeans. (As such, 91% of Latinos are classified as "White" by the Census Bureau, and the FBI does not even track Hispanic crime rates, but dumps it all into the Black or White categories.)

So are you an invader, pure American Indian, or both?

Cultural invasions, such as the Europeans (including the Spanish) into the Americas, the Gaelic invasion of England, the Saxon invasion of England, the Norman invasion of England, etc., all seem to result in the destruction of the existing culture. Since I am rather fond of my culture, and would prefer to live here than in any Latin American country, I would prefer that the immigrants assimilate to this culture, rather than trying to come here and make the United States into just another Banana Republic.

Jack said:


Zimzo's writing is better.

Had Enough said:

Never in the history of this country have we been deliberately invaded by a openly angry group of people that believe that we (Citizens of The United States of America) owe them something.

Part of this particular group believe that parts of this country still belongs to mexico and the other part believe that they are going to conquer and control this country. Two different agendas with the same end result.

This is the first time in history that a group of people has openly broken our laws and flaunted their illegal status. These same people are determined to change our culture, language, history and country. (Note: mexico is filling our schools with mexican text books that have their spin on history, etc. and these books are being accepted by school officials nationwide. Why would another country make such an effort to supply our schools with books? Because they want us to foot the cost of education for their citizens, but they want it taught their way!)

A while back I posted on a board that a friend of mine (white male carpenter) and several of his friends could not get work. I received a number of nasty emails and one from a illegal hispanic man who could hardly write but he said "I'm sorry for your friend, there is no work for us either".

His note was more proof that that the illegals have over burdened the job market. While all I see on construction sites are hispanics and no black or white guys, the illegals have flooded the job market to the point that there are so many here now that the market can not absorb them. The sad reality for the black and white guys is they are not being hired and they are being completely ignored.

Another email from a woman was proof of non assimilation, she said "the US has no culture, no history, the language and the people, and food are boring and I better get used to them (sounds pretty familiar!)".

I got several others that were all F*** You and the usual go back to Europe or this is our continent.

The country is in crisis, no matter what the politicians say. Only a handful of our lawmakers nationwide have seen and heard first hand the vulgar, outright agenda of bushes so called hard working folks. I could vomit!

I have had several unprovoked incidents with these people and I find their attitude, manners and agenda disgusting.

Finally, I also have no use for the Chinese, Irish, German, African and every other group that feels they can sneak and and demand legitimate status and rights of the citizens.

I'm sick and tired of hearing "I came here for my family". It is worn out! No one has ever heard of starving people south of the border! But there are starving people in other countries that sure could use some of the billions and billions the illegals are costing us here every year.

mexico announced a time back that their budget was balanced! I wonder why? Gee, I guess so! We are educating (and feeding breakfast and lunch to their children in school), providing medical care and have the worst of their criminals in our prisons.

I met an illegal from Peru a few years ago and he told me that his wife told him to come here for a few years so she could have a new house built or she would divorce him.

My friend who can not get a job in construction lost his house in Fairfax so the wife in Peru or mexico could have a new house built.

I might, please note "I might" way, way down the road consider a guest worker plan. But, only after all the US Citizens have a job, home, food on the table, medical care, and all the children waiting to be adopted are adopted and the veterans are again being treated like human beings. Conclusion: I never will, because most lawmakers are oblivious to the desperation and hopelessness that exists in this country for its citizens.

How can people like bush and his partners in crime be plotting globalism when they can not even handle Nationalism.

Had Enough!

Jack said:

"Land for Peace!"

Can we give them California? Please?

Gnossis said:

"Never in the history of this country have we been deliberately invaded by a openly angry group of people that believe that we (Citizens of The United States of America) owe them something."

Well, not since the War of 1812 anyway...I find your pre-Treaty of Ghent mentality disturbing...

"No one has ever heard of starving people south of the border!"

If by "starving" you mean "fabulously wealthy," then yes.

"...after all the US Citizens have a job, home, food on the table, medical care, and all the children waiting to be adopted are adopted and the veterans are again being treated like human beings."
Whoa, careful there H.E., you're sounding like one of them damned lib'ruhls with a goofy socialist plan. Tax and spend! Tax and spend! Big guv'ment! Wooo!

"Conclusion: I never will [accept a guest worker program], because most lawmakers are oblivious to the desperation and hopelessness that exists in this country for its citizens"
Typical lib'ruhl shill, blaming America first, giving hope and comfort to the illegal immigrant enemy!


Jack: We already have.

Gnossis: Heh. There is substance behind H.E.'s complaint, though. Keep an eye on Northern VA.

Jack said:


I mean give it back to Mexico. Just think, no Nancy Pelosi, no Dianne Feinstein, no Barbara Boxer. Where's the downside?

Had Enough said:

Fake documents used to buy real estate was the reason behind this.


Fox reporter bleeds in on-camera attack

This tape was shown on 9 news at 7:00 pm lastnight.

Everyone should watch it. Especially pay attention to her remarks about sending him back to the east coast. (because they think CA doesn't belong to US)

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