Carnival of What I Just Found

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A couple of interesting posts...

  • Spank that Donkey discusses his experience manning a VA4Marriage booth at the Augusta County fair. Interesting irrational reaction from the Webb supporters.

  • Not Buck Turgidson over at the Richmond War Room discusses the situation in the 27th Senate district.

  • James Young delves into the allegedly politically expedient claim of party affiliation in one of the anti-Marriage Amendment coalition's hatchet-job editorials (this one spewing the typical misinformation/red-herring arguments in the Potomac News).

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Stevens Miller said:

Hello. Please forgive me if this message isn't the ideal use of your blog, but I called the number provided via the "Contact Us" link on your Web site, and the person at McLean Bible Church who answered the telephone told me she had not heard of NOVA TownHall.

Yesterday, I sent the invitation below to your group and to Equality Loudoun. Equality Loudoun has accepted, and I would be pleased to hear from you in response as well.

Thank you,
Stevens Miller
Chair, Communications
Loudoun County Democratic Committee

NOVA TownHall
Equality Loudoun

Dear Sirs or Madams,

I am writing on behalf of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee to ask if your organizations would be willing to participate in a public debate on the Marshall-Newman amendment. The location, date, and precise rules would be worked out amongst us, as well as a choice of moderator, all to be to your mutual satisfaction before the event takes place. The format would also be open to discussion, but we would initially suggest something structured with one or two members of each of your organizations appearing to speak on each side of the question, with time set for statements, rebuttals, and replies. Whether questions would be put to the speakers, either by the moderator or by audience members, is also open for your consideration.

We hope the chance to participate in this project will appeal to you and your members. Our goal would be to provide a fair opportunity to educate the public on this important question, with equal involvement from both sides. Please ask your appropriate officer or member to contact me, by phone or e-mail, to pursue this possibility. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Stevens Miller
Chair, Communications
Loudoun County Democratic Committee
(phone number by personal e-mail upon request)

Stevens Miller said:

Please feel free to contact me at communications A T loudoundemocrats D O T org.

anon said:

"fair opportunity"? why then is it being organized by members of the commonwealth coalition?

zimzo said:

How was the reaction of the woman offended at the use of "those people" (reminiscent of Ross Perot's condescending use of "you people" when speaking to the NAACP) "irrational"?

Jonathan said:

Wow anon, you read the loudoundemocrats web site? Kewl. Maybe a tiger team formed by members of the LCDC and the LCRC could serve as a neutral host. I'm afraid that it will be difficult to find an actually neutral organization, although before the FMA Senate debate, the Cato institute sponsored a forum between Maggie Gallagher and Dr. William Eskridge and Cato opposed the FMA, but I ramble.

The sides are clear. One side honors democracy and the constitution (and doesn't go about writing anti-family prohibitions into the bill of rights willy nilly), and the other side honors, er, something else. That doesn't mean that a sponsor that lines up one way or the the other can't referee a fair forum.

kevin said:

"My conversation with one Webb supporter ended when she..."

"Interesting irrational reaction from the Webb supporters."

Meh. Gimme a break.

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