Commonwealth Conservative’s Great Insight into the Phony Racial Incident

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While I've already discussed this incident here, the Godfather of Virginia’s conservative blogosphere, Chad Dotson, has the best post yet discussing the Webb campaign's pathetic attempt to play the race card and reinvigorate their flailing campaign. While I encourage you to read the entire post, his first four words sum things up quite accurately:

What a complete joke.

Chad continues with a great recap of some of what has been said regarding this incident and then gives us some local perspective:

I suppose I’m one of the racist Virginia crackers — since I attended that event, though (un?)fortunately I arrived after Allen’s remarks — who was supposed to get riled up at his presence in the crowd. (I can guarantee that not one single person in the crowd took it as a racial comment.)

Listen, I can buy the sentiment that Allen shouldn’t have singled this kid out like he did. That’s what Allen has apologized for, I believe, and I can see that. Heck, I saw the guy twice that very day; once at an event in Norton (where I introduced Allen) and at the Breaks picnic. He was quiet and polite when I saw him, standing silently in the back with his videotape running.

So yeah, maybe Allen shouldn’t have even mentioned the guy. However, anyone who is suggesting this is racially-tinged is so blinded by their hatred of Allen that they are making no sense whatsoever. It defies logic to suggest that Allen, who knew he was being videotaped, by one of his opponent’s flunkies, would make a comment that he intended as racist. Watching the contortions that lefties are going through to try to make this a racial incident would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

Well said. Everyone with a shred of intellectual honesty should read Chad's post in its entirety.

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betbart said:

You really have to be deep in the kool-aid to think that chad explains anything. His political future is so tightly wedding to Allen's, and he's so in tight with their campaign, how could he say anything different? But he does nothing at all to explain why the changing, incompatible stories, where "macaca" came from or any of the rest of it. All he does it take a "I'm the victim!" pose.

His selection of commentary is... well... pretty selective. The consensus amongst even big time national conservatives seem to be that Allen just destroyed his 2008 ambitions. So shrugging it off as a joke seems, well, more than a little defensive.

Allen getting into the White House would have meant a goldmine for Chad politically. Now that won't happen. No wonder he's so upset and looking to lash out.

Allen=Racist said:

Becuase calling a guy a N***** is aok, why? becuase Chad said so...

Chad said:


Thanks for the link.

TLM said:

Really Sophie, As if this site could be considered a credible source of what is considered racist?? You crack me up! LOL LOL LOL

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