Compassionate Conservatism & the ’08 Presidential Race

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I just finished reading this great article on U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, who is considering a run for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. The thing that impresses me the most about Senator Brownback is his proven track record and tireless compassionate efforts to reach out to “the poor, the downtrodden, those without a voice, those in difficult circumstances.” He’s sponsored and supported legislation protecting the unborn (Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act), the physically and mentally disabled, poor immigrants, people overseas who are persecuted for their political and religious beliefs (Iran Democracy Act & the North Korea Human Rights Act), those who are discriminated against and killed because of their race or ethnicity, those sold into slavery (Trafficking in Victims Protection Act) and those who are stricken with malaria and AIDS. In addition he is a “committed tax cutter and free trader, supporter of the war on terrorism, promoter of human rights and democracy abroad and of judicial conservatives.”

If he runs for President, his message would focus around rebuilding the culture and the family.

“Regarding the domestic side of the compassion agenda, Brownback shows the influence of his late colleague Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who famously said: “The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society. The central liberal truth is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself.”

Brownback can tend to keep a low pro-file in the Senate by not aggressively attacking his opponents, rather he works exceptionally well with his Democrat colleagues. Perhaps that’s why he “recognizes that people can have good hearts, but come out a lot of different ways on policy means and ends.” He truly is a man who is working to make compassionate conservatism a reality in America. Kudos to Senator Brownback!

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Brownback is probably my #2 choice for President after George Allen with Romney probably at #3.

Had Enough said:

"compassionate conservatism", sounds just like bush! As I have observed since 2000, compassion tends to be for everyone except American Citizens. I'm sick and tired of "compassion", usually to a lawmaker it means ignore the laws, unless of course it is a citizen.

Read between the lines! compassion: clemency, favor, charity, leniency, sympathy, pity, etc. And now bush wants to add amnesty to the list.

What has compassion got us? 30 million illegals that the compassionate lawmakers want to legalize at the expense of the Citizens.

Compassion is costing the citizens of this country billions each year to jail, educate, for medical care, etc. for people who sneaked in this country illegally and continue to break the law.

Our crime rates climbing, diseases coming back, schools overcrowded, hospitals closing, etc.

George Allen doesn't have a very good record when it comes to illegals. He stepped it up a little after citizens sent him thousands of emails and phone calls after the marches. But with his record I do not believe he is truly sincere.

I have to side with Had Enough on this question. Immigration control and Islamic extremism are the top issues facing our nation, and I don't see Brownback as one of the better potential candidates on the former topic.

Aislinn said:

On the issue of Immigration Control- who is the front-running candidate? I think we can’t say that just because Senator Brownback & President Bush are Compassionate Conservatives, they don’t see the need to protect our boarders. I think it’s quite the opposite. They both know there’s a need to secure the boarders and that’s why they have been supporting a plan that does secure our nation in a practical way that does not reward those who break our laws. It’s nearly impossible to just locate all illegal immigrants and send them back. By using the guest worker program, we will be able to locate illegal immigrants and keep track of them. I think it’s their compassionate nature that allows these two men to look for and use workable solutions, and if their solutions don’t work, both of them would have the humility to look for other solutions. I think that’s at the heard of being a compassionate conservative- The ability to not only be compassionate to others but to insist upon results.

Also, as an FYI Senator Brownback voted (as a member of the Appropriations Committee, for the 2007 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill) for additional provisions that would have allocated $1.829 billion to build 370 miles of double layer fencing and 461 miles of vehicle barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as $85.67 million for 659 additional worksite enforcement agents. Unfortunately, these provisions were not included in the final bill.

You have a good heart, Aislinn.

I'll hold out hope both Bush and Brownback are willing to let their views evolve.

Had Enough said:

bush has never felt the need to close any borders! His latest game (for show only) was in response to public outrage after the marches. Most likely another ploy of rove's (to help the party.... PLEASE!)

He has ignored every lawmaker who is anti-illegal and banned one from the whitehouse.

Did he attempt in any way to close the borders or slow the invasion on or after 9/11? NO!

bush has an agenda "North American Union" which is open borders, super highways and the mexican customs port in Kansas. This will cut out American Citizen dock workers, truckers, etc., No US union, mexicans will be running it in the middle of the US.

China is building docks, etc. in mexico getting ready to ship more cheap, unwanted goods that are putting more Americans out of work.

Not only that China has over the years managed to surround the country in one way or another. You can thank Carter & Clinton for that also. Clinton gave the illegals the motor voter to help them register and vote , no questions asked.

China and mexico are our biggest threats in this century. I believe it is bigger than any cold war fears there ever were.

Anyone who thinks that we have problems now is in for a big surprise.

Running a country on compassion will be the demise of this country.

If the current laws on the books had been enforced we would not have the problems we do. There has been nothing but neglect and personal agendas for several decades.

Just last week 2 border patrol agents were put on trial for shooting a drug smuggler with almost a million dollars worth of cargo. The smuggler has been given immunity to testify against the agents. They are facing 20 years, I believe the department of homeland security forced this action against the agents.

If the current laws were enforced, illegals would begin to slowly deport themselves.

The millions of criminal illegal aliens (murderers, rapists, child molesters, gang members, etc.) in this country would continue as they are doing today, they would not apply for any legal status or leave. They would continue to be day labor or using false identities.

Always remember that it was a illegal alien in Virginia that helped the hi-jackers obtain fake documents to get other documents. They offered him some cash. They also had the knowledge that the illegals had access to forged documents.

So while people in this country are playing the compassion game, what is going on behind their backs?

If a corporation hires a man and he states that he has a degree from Yale, only to find out later that he did not finish high school, they fire him.

Why is it that the IRS and all other government agencies know that million of illegals are using SS#'s stolen from people and numbers made up and they are ignoring it.

We should be taking care of our own first, and in some instances only our own. If you look closely, mexico and china are just looking out for their own at our expense. Do you get it yet?

We are in BIG trouble!

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