Congressman Jindal Delivers His Own Son

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Louisiana Congressman Bobby Jindal is a very impressive Republican and rock-solid pro-family conservative who lost his race to become Governor a few years back by a very narrow margin. I expect he'll be running statewide again sometime soon.

His wife, Supriya, unexpectedly gave birth to their son early Tuesday morning... in their own home. Congressman Jindal had to help deliver the baby himself and used a shoestring to tie off the umbilical cord until the ambulance arrived. Congratulations Congressman!

Williams [Jindal spokesma] said Jindal had dreamed of becoming a doctor: "He kind of got to play that role today."

Full coverage can be found here.

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zimzo said:

I suppose it's just a coincidence that you put up a warm-and-fuzzy story about a Republican congressman who just happens to be of Indian extraction on the day when George Allen's racial slur against a man of Indian extraction is tearing through the Internet.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

so heart warming. surely no baby-killing democrate could ever be capable such a tender deed, except maybe for Joe Lieberman.

kevin said:

I love you two...but, you know, in a hetero way.

James Young said:

More guts than I would have. 'Course, my sons were delivered C-sections. And then her OB --- a cigar buddy --- gave me a guided tour.

Loudoun Conservative said:

aren't you cynical, zimzo?

I knew this post was daring and Soph took a risk in uploading it, but only now can I feel the sting of its cutting edge: Jindal... Macaca.... democratic abortionists.... Kevin-out-of-the-closet... it makes my head spin.

kevin said:

Speaking of spin, Joe, I find your technique compelling. Very tongue in cheek. The paradoxical approach. It's considered advanced in some circles, believe it or not. Good work.

The only risk you run with the paradoxical approach is people taking you seriously.

Kevin - little risk of that, my friend, and as time goes on the risk diminishes substantially.

John Grigsby said:

It's a shame that lefties can't help but see everything through the prism of race and sex. I feel sort of sorry for them, in the way I feel for anyone suffering from a handicap, even despite the personal harm they attempt.

Jindal is great. I hope he'll win next time.

Ed Fleming said:

Hey Zim,

I know where you are going with this. The CNN coverage was on the 16th - the exact same day soph posted it here. Coincidence, or Conspiracy?

Jindal was in on this whole conspiracy to deflect attention from Allen or, more likely, Allen posted the KKK outside Jindal's home in order to force his wife to have a newsworthy birth! He's probably just too scared to talk about it! As to soph, he was clearly just a patsy!

Z, you've just GOT to get someone down to Lousiana quick to nail this one down!

You and the Webb campaign have clearly brought the Allen campaign to its knees with this whole accuna mattata thing, but this bit of dynamite, something only you, Howard Dean, or Lyndon LaRouche have the brilliance to detect, will finish Allen off indeed!

Bobby Jindal is one cool guy. I've met him a few times and spoken with him on the phone a couple more times. I can't say enough good things about him.

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