George Allen's Anti-Property Rights Problem

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Me and my buddy Macaca were discussing Senator George Allen the other day and the topic of "Hallowed Ground" came up. It turns out the National Center for Public Policy Research issued the press release printed below and I have to say, it is problematic for Virginia's only sane Senator.

Here's an intro to Hallowed Ground.

For more information on this issue, see "The Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area: An Example of How Pork-Barrel Politics Can Threaten Local Rule and Property Rights," by Peyton Knight, available online at, or "Assertions vs. Reality: The Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area Act of 2006," by Peyton Knight, available online at

Anti-Property Rights Initiative Gets Boost from Unlikely Source: Senator George Allen

Washington, D.C. - Nearly one year after the U.S. Supreme Court's shocking Kelo v. New London decision touched off a firestorm of bipartisan support for stronger property rights protections, some anti-property rights groups are receiving support from a surprising source: Senator George Allen (R-VA).

Senator Allen is the chief sponsor of legislation that would create a massive federal "National Heritage Area" that would stretch from Charlottesville, VA, through Frederick County, MD, and end in Gettysburg, PA. Such areas are best described as heavily regulated corridors where property rights may be strictly curtailed.

Allen's bill would deputize special interest groups -- many with clear anti-property rights agendas -- and federal employees to oversee land use policy in the corridor.

"Senator Allen often describes himself as a 'Jeffersonian' conservative, which he defines as someone who doesn't like 'nanny, meddling, restrictive, burdensome government,'" said Peyton Knight, director of environmental and regulatory affairs at the National Center. "However, if you fail to support your rhetoric with substance, you're all hat and no cattle."

Sen. Allen's initiative in some ways resembles a pork-barrel earmark, as it disburses funds to pre-selected preservationist interest groups. Unfortunately, it is even worse than an earmark, as it would threaten property rights by:

1) Creating a "management entity" to oversee land use policy in the area composed of groups that have a record of being hostile to property rights.

2) Directing this management entity to create an inventory of all property it wants "preserved," "managed" or "acquired."

3) Giving the management entity the authority to disburse federal funds for the purpose of land acquisition and restricting land use - an enticement for such activities.

"This is a transparent effort by ‘not in my back yard’ elitists to milk millions of dollars from the nation's taxpayers to mandate gentrification of their rural landscape. These bluebloods want their pretty views and bucolic fields preserved in perpetuity at the expense of property rights, small landowners and farmers, and taxpayers," said Robert J. Smith, a senior fellow at the National Center.

"It is remarkably similar to the exclusionary zoning for 'green space' and 'open space' that roiled New Jersey politics and communities for a quarter century," Smith adds. "Such policies were ruled unconstitutional by the New Jersey Supreme Court in the Mount Laurel decisions for being economically and racially discriminatory, and as an effort to lock out low and moderate income families and especially people of color, blacks and Hispanics."

Mychal Massie, national chairman of the African-American leadership network Project 21, which is affiliated with the National Center, notes the impact of Allen's bill will be felt disproportionately.

"Senator Allen's Heritage Area scheme is further evidence of the chasm that develops between working families and elected representatives once they are in office," said Massie. "Allen's measure would restrict and limit land use to all but the very wealthiest, and would severely and unjustly handicap families and individuals of moderate means."

Dr. Roger Pilon, director of the Cato Institute's Center for Constitutional Studies, notes the irony that overzealous preservationists at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello are corrupting Jefferson's legacy, ostensibly in an effort to protect it: "They want to traduce Jefferson's views in order to save his views."

Citizens of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania might look to property owners caught within the boundaries of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area in Arizona to catch a glimpse of their possible future.

The Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Resources has filed a report explaining the situation in Yuma. The report, which accompanies legislation designed to amend the Yuma Heritage Area in order to protect property owners, states:

"When the Yuma Crossing Heritage Area was authorized in 2000, the public in Yuma County did not understand the scope of the project and was surprised by the size of the designation... Concerns were raised by citizens about the size of the designation and the potential for additional Federal oversight. The fear of adverse impacts on private property rights were realized when local government agencies began to use the immense heritage area boundary to determine zoning restrictions."

Thomas Jefferson was quite clear in his views regarding property rights when he wrote: "The true foundation of republican government is the equal right of every citizen in his person and property and in their management."

Robert J. Smith adds: "No one supporting such plans and legislation attacking the underlying principles of a free society can conceivably then have the hubris to attempt to wrap themselves in the mantle of Mr. Jefferson's belief in individual liberty, or in Ronald Reagan's inclusive conservative Republicanism."

"It dishonors 250 years of American history and freedom-from Abraham Lincoln's genuine Hallowed Grounds in Gettysburg to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello mountaintop," he said.

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Peyton Knight?!?!?

Hahaha. Congressional committes invite him to testify so everyone can smirk and giggle in the background.

George Allen is on the right side of this issue...

charles said:

The idea itself isn't as bad as the inevitable creep that will happen later.

It isn't a bad thing to coordinate development and roads with an eye toward preserving our heritage.

The details of the bill include sections which protect private property owners in the area from ANY impact, including both opt-in and opt-back-out provisions which are absolute for the private property owners.

It will impact PUBLIC land, and that might hamstring local governments, although I'm not clear how much they are impacted by this.

I don't see this as a big deal, but it's probably another thing that, in this fickle time, will make it hard for Allen to win a presidential nomination.

Which won't bother me too much, I'd rather have him stay as our senator for 6 years than give Kaine a chance to appoint some democrat.

John Grigsby said:

Thanks for the anonymous ad-hominem, my cowardly (liberal Democrat) Virginia "Centrist".

"so everyone can smirk and giggle" -- dude, best wishes for your first year of junior high this fall. Remember, however, that they don't consider lunch boxes cool there, even the PowerPuff Girls ones, so leave it at home. Just trying to look out for you, little man.

George Allen has a lot of pluses, and will have my support. His opponent is all over the map. That said, I am troubled by Allen's decision to support this very un-Republican bit of legislation. It doesn't make sense.

When some anonymous Democrat paeon kid, calling himself a "centrist", whose site is devoted to over-the-top trashing of Senator Allen, praises him for supporting JTHG, that should tell us something, shouldn't it?

Democrats understand their coalition well - gays, blacks, bureaucrats, unions - and of course Hollywood actors ... and more gays. Republicans need to understand their coalition, and nurture it.

Senator Allen should understand that this bill strikes at the heart of property rights supporters. This oversight is not good for the GOP coalition, which is why our junior high poster is so elated by it. I hope he'll back off on this.

I've sat in a hearing next to conservative lobbyists while he testified and exchanged smirks and rolled eyes. This guy's organization is as kooky as they come.

TerryM said:

So now this site has given up the fight against GLBT and Marriage EQUALITY to focus on RACISM and more DISCRIMINATION GARBAGE about new AMERICANS! JESUS WOULD NOT BE PROUD OF YOU....

Loudoun Conservative said:

this is not good for the good Sentator. George F allen needs to understand that ticking off your base WON'T make you wildly popular with leftists who already hate your guts. Doesn't he understand what we think of people who want to eviscerate our property rights?

John Grigsby said:

"I've ... exchanged smirks and rolled eyes."

Hey, demflackboy, did you all "titter" too?

Just remember, kid - no lunchboxes. Good luck, especially in P.E.

Blogreader said:

Virginia "Centrist" does not know what he or she is talking about. Allen is promoting this at the request of well heeled campaign contributors who want to keep the riff-raff (people whose houses do not cost one million dollars or more) out of their neighborhoods. It is sold as good for tourism and the local governments go for it on that basis, thinking of tourism $$$ and not seeing the greater land use agenda. The groups pushing this are preservation groups, after all, not pro-tourism groups, yet they always talk about the tourism dollars - I wonder why? (Not.)

I caught part of a Peyton Knight hearing presentation (actually I read the transcript) and he wiped the floor with a Congresswoman whose name I do not remember.

As for Allen, he probably has not read this bill and is doing it because his staff told him it was a good idea. On the surface it sounds like the usual thing everyone would be for. Good for Peyton Knight that he actually read the thing.

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