Housekeeping: Upgrade planned, possible extinction

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I may try to upgrade Movable Type on my lunch hour today, in order to allow more authors and a few other snazzy features.

If anything goes wrong, that will likely mean the end of the NOVA TownHall Blog forever.

Have a nice day.

UPDATE: The upgrade did not work, and neither did we get I'm striking out left and right.

No new authors or fancy new features until I get it figured it out, maybe over the weekend. Sorry, all you prospective NVTH contributors out there.

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zimzo said:

The NOVA Townhall blog will always live in our hearts.


Jonathan said:

I can help you migrate over to Wordpress if you'd like.

Thanks for the kind offer, but it's Movable Type for us, or else the frozen nothingness of eternal death.

Jonathan said:

If you choose death, talk to Jack. He has a good handle on where various souls are going to go in the afterlife.

Jack said:

It IS the most important topic I can think of.

Jack said:

BTW, Jonathan, what's the deal with the box for entering comments on your blog -- I cannot see about three character on the far right of the box.

Jacob Ash said:

I noticed you posted. Does that mean you were successful, or are we back to square one with armagedon postponed?


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