Human Events: "Another Fight for GOP's Soul in Virginia"

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Check out this Human Events article on GOP primary for the Board of Supervisor Chairman race in PWC.

For some background information you can read our live-blog interview and Not Larry Sabato's interview with conservative candidate and current Occoquan District Supervisor Corey Stewart.

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Knowing both Corey and Maureen, I have to take issue with the premise. They vote the same way 99 percent of the time and just a few months ago, Maureen was allied with Corey and John Stirrup on some issues against the rest of the Board.

Either way, PWC will be in good hands.

NoVA Scout said:

HE is as nutty as some of out local types to try to make this into a conservative/liberal catharsis. This is just local government, however complicated. A candidate can try to wrap himself in ideological vestments to avoid heavy lifting, but it all comes down to running a large and complex government for the greatest good of the greatest number of people.

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