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Boy howdy, take a few hours off and things sure can go to H-E double hockeysticks in a handbasket quicker than you can say "webmaster"!

The bottom line is the MT comment spam filter is a fickle thing. For one, it looks for excesses of hyperlinks, as explained in this post.

Minimize the hyperlinks and your comment is more likely to get through.

Also, I suspect whoever wrote that plug-in had a bad experience with someone named "Jonathan" because our local Jonathan seems to invoke the filter just by visiting this site. Sorry, Jonathan, I don't know what's going on there.

Jack seems to have found the workaround: Spread your hyperlinks over several comments and they probably all get through.

Just so everyone knows, this situation is the best of all possible worlds at the moment. Without the filter, our comment threads would be deluged with ringtones and phentermine and forex and stuff that can get you put in jail. The alternative is to require registration, which is a pain, or use Typekey, which is also a pain.

I'm planning to upgrade Movable Type soon, which might fix the problem. In the meantime, thank you for putting up with the inconvenience.


Jonathan said:

It must be your "Satanic Verses" detector, right Sophrosyne?

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