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Hypothetically speaking, if John McCain wanted to clear the ground a wee bit in preparation for the 2008 Republican presidential primary season, preemptively knocking out one of his likely opponents wouldn't be such a bad idea. Like - hypothetically again - getting one of his Republican buddies to run against said opponent.

Here are a few links that just came across via the old VRWC pipeline. Individually, they may not mean much. But taken together, a clearer picture emerges. Hypothetically, of course.

So, John McCain is old friends with Jim Webb, a former George Allen supporter. But when Allen emerged as an '08 rival to McCain, suddenly Webb hates Allen and decides to challenge Allen in '06.

Hmmm. So what else do we know about Webb and McCain?

It's no surprise that Sophrosyne hinted at this scenario months ago. Soph's usually way ahead on this type of thing.

Despite his positives on certain issues and his great performance at the 2004 GOP Convention, John McCain is, if anything, a man with huge vulnerability for 2008. Knocking off or at least weakening George Allen would be a big help, hypothetically.

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Moderate 5-19 said:

I think McCain would like nothing better then to see Webb win in November. Allen (as I have stated before) is more like Bush then people realize, and I’m not talking about his political views.

He was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, given every perk of like, taking advantage (rightly so) of the position he was born to, seems to be a nice enough aw shucks kind of fellow who would love to have as your neighbor but, we can fairly question if they would have risen to level of President and Senator on their own strength and intelligence. They both have been smart enough to surround themselves with “good people” but would fall apart with out them because they have never really learned to think for themselves. And by the way both have either a very weak or no military record

I think John McCain resents these types of people. He finds them whiney and weak and maybe even feels some envy. McCain, was also born to comfort and influence but not nearly the level of Bush or Allen. But unlike them he chose to join the Military and refused to use his political and social ties even when it meant doing so could save his life.
McCain and Webb are cut from the same cloth just as Allen and Bush are.

Now for the politics; Although McCain may pray daily that Webb wins and may even find some ways to give him un-traceable money, he can never support him openly during the primary. McCain is a “good political soldier” and would not work against the incumbent Republican. It’s sort of the same thing as what’s going on in Conn. with the Lieberman race, their are a lot of liberals who want Lamont to win but they can’t campaign against Joe Lieberman because he is a sitting incumbent.

Now for my money, sadly I think Allen will win, but Webb will get my money, support and my vote.

M 5-19, you are nothing if not moderate.

I have heard similar things about Allen; I don't have any personal experience to verify or not how sharp he is.

I'll be trying to help him anyway because, as you know, I'm no moderate. Thanks for the great comment!

Jacob Ash said:

Moderate 5-19,
I have a quick question for you. Is Spector a moderate or liberal Republican? I am just trying to figure you out.


Moderate 5-19 said:

What a great question. For my money the terms "liberal Republican" and "Conservative Democrat" are just other names for moderate. The problem is the political system is not "moderate friendly". It forces people (such as myself) to chose one of the two parties. If given the chance I believe Spector, Lieberman, Hagel, Collins, and even Powell would belong to the ‘Moderate Party’. Trying to run as an independent (or moderate) a person has to be independently wealthy and start with name recognition. It is very difficult thus we have chosen to accept that we are a two party country.

Jacob Ash said:

Moderate 5-19,
Intersting. Did Perot blow the chance we had for a third party in this generation? Also in your opinion, did he atract more Republicans of Democrats?

Returning to Spector, is he an actual 'liberal Republican', granted Hagel and Powel are moderates. What about McCain?


Moderate 5-19 said:

JA or AJ,

McCain speaks like a moderate, but votes like a conservative,

I am a moderate, I know a moderate and McCain is no moderate.

Both Perot and Ralph Nader had their own personnel agenda’s; in addition they did not build a strong data base or infrastructure (at least not strong enough to run for President). They both did harm to the whole idea of having a credible independent candidate to run for any federal level office.

I'm working from memory now but I think they're only three federal Representatives and one Senator. Thus out of 535 elected official we have four that are independents.

Being a moderate can be rather frustrating, people hear a party affiliation and assume they know how I feel or what my views are.

McCain and Giuliani are both coming in to campaign FOR Allen later this month. In fact, McCain will be here for the announcement of a statewide Veterans for Allen coalition.

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