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It's alive, ALIVE I tell you!! The latest Virginia Blog Carnival is up at CatHouse Chat: All the coolest bloggers in Virginia are represented. Go over there now and read it over and over and over again.

Cat has one of the best blogs in the state but gets less recognition than she deserves because she lives in a part of Virginia which is, technically, still in the jurassic period and thus unknown to modern audiences.

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Kat said:

LOL, Joe, thanks so much for the compliment and the plug - you are too kind!

*snicker* And Pittsylvania MAY still be in the Jurassic period, but it is nice to hear the frogs and the crickets singing at night, and to have an incredible view of the Milky Way... Hm, gotta figure out a way to get a picture of our night sky sometime... ;-)

-- Kat

Jack said:

I'd rather live in Pittsylvannia (our largest county, BTW) than here in Yankee-occupied Virginia. But, alas, the jobs are here.

It sounds pretty darn nice. Lucky gal.

Jacob Ash said:

The way you ranted in your post "It's Alive!" I thought Frankenstein had just sat up on the table.


Jack said:

Frankenstein was the DOCTOR, not the monster.

Great line from a great movie (The Bride of...., actually, if memory serves). I try to use it at least once a year.

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