287g training from ICE sought by many U.S. jurisdictions

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Immigration enforcement training under section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for state and local law enforcement officers provides an important and necessary tool to help our public safety officers protect our communities. After receiving approximately 4 1/2 weeks of ICE training, state and local police and sheriff's deputies have the authority to help enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Numerous jurisdictions in the U.S. are already participating in the program. Following is a list of links to information about counties, towns, cities and states currently participating or considering it.

To start with,
here is an excellent overview of how the program works

From the ICE Web site: initial participants were the Los Angeles County City Jail, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Alabama State Police.

Mecklenburg County, NC has served as a sort of test case for other jurisdictions considering the program, reporting outstanding success in removing illegal aliens from the community, and access to federal databases not available to non-287(g) trained police and sheriff's offices, for quickly identifying illegal aliens detained for criminal offenses.

The Herndon, VA town council voted 6-1 Tuesday night to seek a Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) with ICE to obtain training for local police officers.

Also in Virginia, both Culpeper and Manassas are strongly considering participation.

In Tennessee, Davidson County/Nashville and Rutherford County are inquiring into the program.

ICE immigration enforcement training is a provision of the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) passed by Hazelton, PA and Riverside, NJ.

The IIRA is now being considered by many other jurisdictions around the U.S., including Bridgeport, NJ, Altoona, PA and Beaufort County, SC.

At the state level, Georgia has passed the most comprehensive legislation on immigration enforcement, set to go into effect in July, 2007.

South Carolina using Georgia's bill as a model, and plans to have it on the agenda in January.

The local citizens' group HelpSaveLoudoun is pushing now to have something like the Georgia bill on the agenda for the Virginia legislature's next session in February 2007. At the same time, they are urging the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office to seek an MOA from ICE to institute training for Sheriff's deputies and officers at the Adult Detention Center.

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zimzo said:

I hate to spoil your little hysteria-fest, Joe, but if you actually knew anything about law enforcement (which clearly you don't), you would know that the vast majority of local law enforcement officers do not want to become immigration officers because turning our local police forces into arms of the INS will make it impossible to solve crimes in which immigrants, legal and otherwise, are witensses or victims as all cooperation with immigrant communities will dry up completely. The end result for your little Band-Aid will be to not only increase crime significantly but to damage any future trust immigrants have in the police department for decades to come. Here is a list of quotes from numerous law enforcement officers in various jurisdictions who object to such a policy:


I can only assume that the people behind this campaign are anti-police and know nothing whatsoever about law enforcement.

Jack said:

"Vast majority," Zimzo? Do you have poll data to support this assertion?

It is unfortunate that our national government will not enforce the immigration laws. So now the state and local governments have to do it.

I see no reason that legal immigrants would have a problem with the policy. In fact, my neighbors are legal immigrants, and they are also upset with the flood of illegal immigrants in this area. My neighbors waited years to come here legally.

"I can only assume that the people behind this campaign are anti-police and know nothing whatsoever about law enforcement."

Back to the ad hominem arguments again, huh? We have a serious problem with illegal immigrants and their children. They are coming into our country without the standard medical checks, and gangs such as MS-13 are growing, especially in the mid-sized cities that account for the increase in violent crime this past year. The feral government won't deal with the problem. In some jurisdictions, our elected representatives have decided that the problem is severe enough to have the police enforce immigration law. Other jurisdictions will decide not to enforce these laws. From these nationwide experiments, we will be able to gather some data that can better guide our decisions in the future.

zimzo said:

“The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) opposes any plan that would coerce local and state law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws without their approval,” said IACP President Joseph Estey, Chief of the Hartford, Vermont Police Department. “Many leaders in the law enforcement community have serious concerns about the chilling effect any measure of this nature would have on legal and illegal aliens reporting criminal activity or assisting police in criminal investigations. This lack of cooperation could diminish the ability of law enforcement agencies to police effectively their communities and protect the public they serve.”


"However, it is the strong opinion of the California Police Chiefs Association leadership that in order for local and state law enforcement organizations to continue to be effective partners with their communities, it is imperative that they not be placed in the role of detaining and arresting individuals based solely on a change in their immigration status."


Jack said:

Police Chiefs are political appointees. Most cities are run by Democrats, and Democrats appoint the Chiefs of Police. Since the Democratic Party opposes enforcement of the immigration laws, it is natural, and politically expedient, for the Police Chiefs to also oppose enforcement.

Jack said:

It should also be noted that the IACP includes members from nations that are getting money from their citizens who are in this country illegally. Naturally, they would oppose any enforcement of our immigration laws.

Heh, Zimzo, nice try. Yes, plenty of law enforcement "higher ups" are against ICE training, but many of the actual officers are for it.

The momentum is in the direction of ICE training from the top down, I mean from state police down to each local jurisdiction.

Watch the news in the coming weeks.

Had Enough said:

Chief Ramsey can not and never could handle the Citizen crime in DC, he let that get out of control. I'm surprised he hasn't figured out a way to avoid citizen crime so he can say they are also a federal responsibility. Listening to him nothing is his responsibility.

There is no way he would take on the illegals. He and Holmes-Norton are encouraging and welcoming illegals. Remember she is the one that wanted all non-citizens to be allowed to vote in DC.

As far as Zimco's list they are all towns that have sky-high concentrations of illegals and some latino lawmakers that pander and cater to illegals.

The police chief in L.A. told citizens if you don't like it (the illegal invasion), leave the state.

I also believe that all the cops are being drilled as to what to say whether it is their true beliefs or not. I asked a few in different parts of Fairfax how they felt about the illegals and the crime rate, I got the same Oh No, Here We Go Again look and the exact same answer "They are just hardworking people trying to support their families".

They are saying exactly what the higher ups are telling them to say, they are also trying to avoid the extra tons of paperwork that will be involved while our communities continue to be invaded and over run by people that know they can't do anything to them. The longer it goes on the worse it will get.

H.E. - I know it seems hopeless. None of our fearless leaders give a rat's patoutie what is happening on your street.

Keep the faith.

zimzo said:

And from whence do you get the idea that "many of the actual officers are for it"? Do you actually know any actual officers? Do you know anything at all about police work? All of the "actual officers" I know (many of whom work in Virginia) are vehemently opposed to this for the reasons I cited. Other than share your wishful thinking with us, you haven't addressed any of these reasons why law enforcement would be opposed to becoming enforcers of immigration law. Again, I think that is because you don't really know much about how police work is done (or care).

Jack said:

I do know a few police officers. I'll ask them what they think and get back to you.

Uh, yeah, actually I was quoting the two Loudoun County Sheriff's deputies, members of the Gang Intelligence Unit, who told about 35 of us on August 15 they'd "love to have ICE enforcement authority if the higher ups would let" them.

Another member of our group reported an Arlington police officer said something similar the other day.

I was at the Herndon town council hearing Tuesday night and a Herndon police officer said the same thing.

Care to spell out any of your own gritty, reality based, first hand information about the world, Zimzo. I mean, if you are not too busy chumming around with cops and playing soccer with the local illegal immigrants.

Had Enough said:

I think the main point is that once the local police begin to enforce immigration laws and start deporting the illegal drunk driver with no license, the illegal who is using a citizens social security number and identity, the illegal who is manufacturing and selling documents to other illegals, the illegal rapist, the illegal child molestor, the illegal drug dealer, the illegal gang member,the illegal caught shoplifting, etc. in no time at all the word will spread that they will no longer be tolerated and the illegals will all move on or leave the country in order to avoid official deportation and the local police can then go back to serving the citizens.

It is totally irresponsible to allow the illegals to continue their crime spree because someone says that they will stop reporting crimes if the police can inquire as to their legal status. If the majority of them were not here most of our crime rates would drop drastically.

To ignore illegals because they may report crimes committed against them by other illegals (in the majority of cases) is disgusting. Deport them or send them packing and we don't have to worry about it in either case.

If they can't get a job, rent a house, get a business license, etc. and they know the first time they break the law they will be deported they will self deport.

The police are dealing with the illegals everyday all day. It won't take as long to process them out of the country as it does to arrest them 2, 3, or 4 times for offenses they continue to commit (some under numerous or fake identities).

jo said:


You may know a little bit about police officers and so do I. They know where they get their bread and butter comes from and that's from the citizens that pay their checks. I don't care if they don't want to get in bed with ICE. If it helps remove illegal alien criminals from my community then I'm all for it. There are other police departments to work for in this country. If officers have that attitude, they need to move into a border state and have a good time ignoring the problem.

Tom said:

zimzo, if you or someone close to you ever have the misfortune of falling victim to a criminal illegal alien, I can almost guarantee that you'll be singing a different tune. Local and state police should absolutely assist ICE; otherwise, they should not receive any federal funds.

Tom said:

The Carrollton, TX City Council decided last night to pursue 287 (g) certification from ICE. Along with the Farmers Branch, TX city council, they are the 2nd suburb in Dallas to request this program.

The Dallas suburbs are "herd animals". Others may follow.

Good for you all, Tom. We are having serious trouble getting it for our LE officers in Northern VA.

george said:

Listening to all the cops whine about how they can't control crime by controlling crime is illuminating. When we have a menu of statutes that cops feel they can choose from - we are well on the way to a police state. The cops are there to enforce the law. Period.

Chuck said:

I totally agree with George. The law enforcement in our country should enforce any and all laws applicable to any citizen in any state or county, period. Yes, even a traffic violation should be followed up with a check for legal status in our country!!!

Chuck said:

I totally agree with George. The law enforcement in our country should enforce any and all laws applicable to any citizen in any state or county, period. Yes, even a traffic violation should be followed up with a check for legal status in our country!!!

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