A lefty streetcorner vignette

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[Editor's note: I am un-posting this for Kevin. He should have the opportunity to fine-tune his posts. Kevin, repost and kill this editorial if you wish.]

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No Relation said:

I feel really stupid now because I don't get it.

Getting it would damage your liver, by definition, so be aware of the risks. As it turns out, that brief evanescent bit of brilliance now exists only in the foggy corridors of memory. Let's all be glad who had the privilege of glimpsing it.

Kevin said:

bless you, m'man. I'll get it to you right away.

You realize you can post the stuff yourself now, right (you got the e-mail?)

Kevin said:

Joe, I am getting the comments in my email but never saw the official email. I'm keeping an eye out for it. . .

No Relation: don't feel stupid. That's my job.

Try checking now, I re-sent

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