A Poll Regarding "The Path to 9-11"

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I want to take a straw poll. The following questons are NOT scientific. I am just curious what folks out there are thinking w.r.t. this movie. If you did not see the movie, that itself is a good piece of info. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

1. Did you watch "The Path to 9-11"?
a. not at all
b. only Sunday night
c. only Monday night
d. both nights
e. kinda sorta, I did a lot of channel surfing

2. If you did watch any of it, do you
a. Strongly agree with the movie
b. Somewhat agree with the movie
c. Somewhat disagree with the movie
d. Strongly disagree with the movie

3. Who was the biggest villain, portrayed in the movie, within the US government?

4. Would you recommend this movie to someone who has not seen it?

5. If yes, why?

6. If no, why?

7. What important element, if any, was left out?

If I get enough replies, I will compute some statistics, and post the best answers. ‘Best’ here will come in three flavors: most thought provoking, funniest, and nastiest. Yes, all three categories are entirely subjective; it’s my poll.

Again, your input will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, door prizes will not be available.

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Kathy said:

I didn't watch it--I'm not much for TV dramas.

Did not watch it; like every good American I was watching football.

charles said:

I wasn't going to watch it, but I started an hour or so in and I couldn't stop.

1. watched both nights
2. strongly "agreed" with the movie -- terrorists hate us, and want us dead or converted. Not so sure about Richard "Superman" clarke though.

3. George Tenet. Although "beuracracy" would be a good answer as well from the movie.

4. Yes, and I have.
5. Because we need to remember that the terrorists hate us, they have a plan, and we can't win by arresting one of them and hoping the rest of them "get the message".

7. The impact of the long delay in deciding the election on Bush getting people in place to run the government (along with resistance to approval for many of his appointees especially after democrats took the senate.

Second place: The Chinese Airplane incident, which also was a major distraction in the first months of the Bush presidency.

Roci said:

Didn't watch.

We all know CLinton was the villain. The Bureaucrats wanted to save the country, but he wouldn't let them.

They also wanted to work longer hours and give up holidays and weekends to serve the American people.


Tricia said:

I did watch the movie both nights. I strongly agree with the movie. I heard about it through Rush Limbaughs show on the radio and if he approved it I knew I had to watch it. The biggest villian(s) are the CIA and FBI. Its ludacris that those two agencies wont share information with eachother. They are to worried about being the better of the two, the paycheck and saving their own skin if something bad happens. I would most definitly recomend this movie to anyone. It show that 9/11 and terrorism isnt all a product of the Bush administration. You cant put all the blame on any single administration.

zimzo said:

It's amazing how much I learn reading this blog. I learned that Democrats were responsible for 9/11, Clinton (but apparently not Osama Bin Ladin) was the "villain" and a rap star prevented the FBI and CIA from talking.


Jack said:

The FBI and CIA cannot be blamed for not sharing information. They were forbidden by law from sharing information.

charles said:

zimzo, the ludicrous joke was funny, but I didn't see anybody blame the democrats for 9/11, either of people who watched the movie or people who didn't (except Rocci who sarcastically claimed Clinton was to blame).

and in fact nobody said clinton was the villian either. And the movie didn't make him the villian, a couple of his subordinates didn't come across great but you could understand their concerns.

Jacob Ash said:

This is a poll. Can you at least answer the first question? As for Clinton being to blame for 9/11 no, you are.


Had Enough said:

No! I did not watch.

I've decided not to watch anything the government pressured anyone to censor in any way.

Do your next poll on the bush assination movie. I've heard it may be banned from this country.

zimzo said:

Always complaining that I don't answer your questions as if answering your questions, which are often beside the point or make no sense, is required by the Patriot Act. But I'll answer this one for you just to make you happy. I did not watch Path to 9/11 and, in fact, avoided turning on the TV at all for several days around the anniversary of 9/11 except to watch The Wire, which is the greatest show on television.

Jack said:

I didn't watch it, either. I've read the report, so there wasn't much point to watching the movie.

Jacob Ash said:

The point of the complaint is that shouting past someone constantly is idiocy. You look dumb for not answering, OK? It really does not reflect poorly upon me in the least. I am happy to have you here as a gadfly, you don't have to answer anything. But, you look like a shallow label generator and fire thrower and as such are less effective. Try backing Jack, Joe or me into a corner with logic instead of pathetically branding us as ignorant, addel brained or whatever.

I've been around long enough to remember when the political dialogue in the this country required people from each side of the spectrum to explain not only their positions but why they held them. This was done amidst a bunch of BS mind you, but today ALL I see is the BS.

As mentioned above you probably won't convince Jack, Joe, Soph, myself or any of the other contributors to this blog. Convincing Jack of anything is a steep climb, and I am his friend. The man knows why he beleieves something, do you? Since this is a public forum Zim; those who read what you write might/could be convinced. Right now all they see is snarky-ness and the occasional link. Providing a link does not make an argument. Especially if what is on the other side of the link is not entirely credible. Besides, can't you make your own arguments?


Ted said:

The best line was when Massoud was talking to agent Kirk and compared the lack of support he was getting to fight the Taliban with the help he received when he was fighting the Soviets:

"Reagan understood".

Right is Right said:

It's recorded on my DVR, I hope to get to it soon.

kevin said:


Mad props for the Ludacris ref. Also, you're right about the Wire. Have you seen the nat'l/intnat'l news about our great southern district police squads?

zimzo said:

Thanks, Kevin. I'm not sure what you are referring to so a brief explanation or a link would be most appreciated.

kevin said:

Sorry zimz,



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