Amnesty Day: A Modest Proposal

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Just thinking out loud here. We have some wonderful liberal commenters on this site and I wonder if we could be doing a little more to recognize them, like at the end of the year swim team parties nowadays where every single little waterbug gets a trophy.

You have to get the details below the fold, however, because any more long posts on the front page might seriously jeopardize the chances of any of you reading JACK'S FIRST POST AT NVTH BLOG. It's up now! Go read it!

Click below for the rest of my sudden vision.

So by "Amnesty" what I'm thinking is we assign a certain day, maybe once a month, when our favorite liberal buddies get free reign to post here as guest bloggers.

(With my labor-intensive upgrade of Movable Type completed, we can now do this. Oh, my achin' back. Send the love, people, send the love.)

Maybe not once a month, we can let the liberals weigh in. Maybe we have it align with the major holidays. Or maybe tie it to major events in George W. Bush's work year. Maybe the horoscope or key Civil War battles in Virginia.

In any case, periodically we could let our erudite and hardest working commenters in the entire blogosphere - folks like Stay Puft and Zimzo and Gnossis and totally weird photo-guy Kevin - man the soapbox. I'd trust them all to be on their best behavior and require little editing.

In the GREAT Quentin Tarantino film "True Romance" Gary Oldman as Drexyl says about the Christian Slater character "He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain't white boy day, is it?"

Though I'd love to work it in, we can't use "white boy day" because even though we know Stay Puft is white, we can hardly guess about his boyhood, and of the others we know nothing at all.

Thus I'm thinking "Amnesty Day." And on the off-days, we could use the line "It ain't Amnesty Day, is it?"

How cool would that be?

Just some late night ruminations from one who has accomplished, so, so much under these types of conditions. I look forward to input on this important question from the NVTH Blog regulars.

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Stay Puft Marshmallow Man said:

i donno. that's how it starts with these damn liberals. you give 'em an inch and the next thing you know the whole blog's a friggin' head shop and you got the CCC going around planting rows of pine trees on the taxpayer's dollar again. so be careful what you wish for!

I'll have to think about it

Jack said:

Does "Amnesty Day" mean we cannot blast them until the next day?

It's a lot of work to not just write a post but then try stay on top of the comments which can be four times as time consuming. Our commenters already do plenty, so the concept may be flawed. I'll leave it out there. Rosh Hashanah's not for a couple weeks so we have time.

viz said:

We are conducting a survey on amnesty for illegal immigrants in the UK and the USA for the next 6 months at . We want to hear opinions from normal people - not political parties or think tanks.

Your opinions or feedback are much appreciated

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