Anti-illegal candidate Graf winner in AZ

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It's less than half the battle, but this is another major indicator that citizens fed up with illegal hiring, crime and other symptoms of illegal aliens in their communities will be a decisive voice in upcoming U.S. elections.

The AZ Star reports that as of 1:00 am Eastern time Randy Graf appears to be headed for a win in the Arizona 8th U.S. House District Republican primary despite the fact the national party ran a campaign against him.

Graf was a huge winner in the border county of Cochise.

The National Republican Congressional Committee in its infinite wisdom spent over $200,000 in the primary boosting Graf's opponent, Steve Huffman. Huffman was judged more electable than Graf against Democratic candidate Gabrielle Giffords, who tonight easily won the Democratic primary.

This means several things:

1) The country-club Republican establishment would rather throw its constituents under the bus than listen to them and mount an aggressive campaign to represent their interests.

2) Illegal hiring, unfair business competition, cheating blue-collar and unskilled American workers of their livlihoods and neighborhoods becoming increasingly unsafe are issues not yet on the radar of many Republican leaders.

3) Giving money to the National Republican Party bodies is for chumps. Randy Graf is running a campaign, too, and he could have used that $200,000 in the general election. Give directly to the candidates you support if you want to have an impact.

Graf will likely be one of the Republican candidates most in need of financial support from the grassroots. Donate here and do it early and as often as you can.

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Loudoun Conservative said:

Right on, Joe. Give to your candidate directly or to an organization you trust to help the candidates that support your values. I don't know Graf but I hope he wins big and doesn't play nice with the establishment when he's elected.

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...Right on, Joe. Give to your candida

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