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Thanks Joe. I had fun with "Amnesty week." School-related work is piling up, so I'm going to have to stop taking so many study breaks! So as we head toward November I'd like to leave everyone with one final message:


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Kathy said:

Thanks! That was fun!

You done good, Stay Puft, thanks! It was a really generous effort on your part.

If you ever start a blog let me know. I'll gladly return the favor.

Have a great semester, and we'll leave the light on for ya.

Whoa, that video is fantastic.

(Finally got to work to watch it on the broadband.)

John Grigsby said:

Stay Puft, that was a very entertaining video, in a late night sort of way. Thanks! Also, could you just hold your position for five minutes? Get right back to ya!

Joe, your clever effort has provided us the personal details concerning one Mr. Puft and his associate, that heretofore were so elusive to us. Excellent work.

With the amnesty period having come to an end, may we dispense with the pleasantries and "get down to business", as per the plan?

Yes, that's the red button. Please see if you can get a visual confirmation to us quickly. Karl and I are finding this situation room a tad stifling.

Check: The cheese is blue. I repeat, the cheese is blue.

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