DC Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally Wheezes

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(Or: When 'Extras' Attack)

138 x 45 = 6210

These are the key figures.

First, the Washington Post reports:

A pro-immigration rally that promised to bring tens of thousands of marchers from across the nation to Washington yesterday managed to draw only a paltry number of demonstrators, raising questions about the movement's tactics and staying power.

With fewer than 5,000 people attending, organizers from other localities expressed two worries about the turnout...

In anticipation of a crush of people, Metro had planned to start its rush-hour service an hour early, at 2 p.m. But by early afternoon, "there were not enough people in the system" to warrant the extra rush-hour service, and none was added, spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said.

Fifteen minutes before the march was scheduled to begin, only a few hundred demonstrators were milling before the stage.

Lou Dobbs' live reporter at 6:30 pm tonight relayed the information that 138 buses brought in "demonstrators" from as far away as Maine and Tennessee. You can fit about 45 people on a bus. This means, in light of a total attendance under 5,000 that a bunch of buses filled less than capacity brought in the vast majority of the participants.

So practically no one bothered to show up in our nation's capital under their own steam to advocate for illegal aliens' rights.

Got the message, fearless elected Republicans? Weigh this data against what you've heard from your constituents and your base over the past three months.

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Ted said:

Next time they have a rally the organizers need to move the guy with the Che plackard so he's not in the picture when they're showing a medium range shot of the speaker's podium. Che doesn't look good surrounded by a bunch of people waving American flags.

Yeah, heh. What surprised me was despite the very prominent instructions in the previous days for "protesters" to drape themselves in red, white and blue, a number of them still showed up in Mexican colors and carrying Mexican flags.

Gotta hand it to them, they know how to prove the point Pat Buchanan and others who have been warning of a lack of assimilation have been talking about.

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