Democrats In Demographic Decline?

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According to USA Today, "House districts held by Republicans are full of married people. Democratic districts are stacked with people who have never married."

Making the unscientific assumption that children are more likely to follow their parents' political philosophies and "Weltanschauung," the demographics don't look good for the Democratic party. Never mind that the evangelical Christians are breeding like... uh, well, breeding like Catholics. Meanwhile, married Democrats seem to favor a woman's career over childrearing.

One liberal friend of mine did break the mold, though. She has five children, and was a stay-at-home mom. Oddly enough, she was also instrumental in making homeschooling legal in Virginia. Of her four adult children, only one has had children (2), and she married a very conservative, Hispanic Navy man.

It does seem that the Democratic Party may be in demographic difficulty. However, there are a couple of bright spots. The first is the retirement of the Baby Boomers. As this generation passes into retirement, they will start collecting Social Security, and they will be joining Medicare. In general, those dependent on government largess, such as those on Welfare, Social Security, and college professors, tend to vote for Democrats, while those footing the bill tend to vote for Republicans. So as the Baby Boomers retire, they can be expected to vote more Democratic. However, all things pass, and so will the Baby Boomers, as they age beyond the capabilities of modern medicine.

Another bright spot for the Democratic Party is the immigrant wave. Many immigrants are poor and uneducated. Most of the poor and uneducated vote Democratic. Perhaps this is one reason the Democrats oppose closing the U.S.-Mexico border, and favor amnesty. The flip side of this argument is that the vast majority of those immigrants are also Catholic, and so generally oppose many tenets of the Democratic party, such as abortion and gay marriage. Perhaps this is one reason some Republicans (W) oppose closing the border and favor amnesty.

Union membership has also been in decline for years, and a large number of the union members who remain also oppose many of the planks of the Democratic platform, notably gay marriage, abortion, and gun control.

In any event, things don't look good for the long-term prospects of the Democratic Party.

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Kevin said:

You have been blessed with simplicity, dear friend.

I've been married for 7 years (since I was 21) and have a toddler and another child on the way. My wife is a full-time mother.

When I think of Democratic bloggers who I know personally, Waldo Jaquith (my brother) is married and will probably have children eventually and Josh Chernilla is married and has a son.

Come to think of it, while I was sitting on the Charlottesville Democratic Committee most of the 100 members over the age of 30 or so had kids. We used to encourage them to bring them to meetings to learn about the democratic process.

So anecdotally, I guess that I just haven't witnessed what you are talking about. I'm sure it varies from place to place.

I think EVERYBODY needs to be having more kids.

Jack said:


The observations of USA Today are far more wide-ranging than our own.

Kevin said:

Isn't this just another way that God has blessed the Republican party for their good deeds? Manifest Destiny. Haha.

Stuart said:

"...Josh Chernilla is married and has a son."

Josh Chernila didn't quite enter fatherhood by responsible choice. We need more kids brought into the world the way he did?

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