Dispatches: Bridgeport, NJ

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The Bridgeport, New Jersey Borough Council is reviewing the IIRA/English Only bills . An initial vote to advertise the measures passed 7-1 on each, indicating both would pass on a formal vote.

Details below the fold.

Council OKs motion to advertise ordinances concerning illegal aliens:

Borough Council voted Tuesday to advertise two proposed ordinances that address illegal aliens. One measure would restrict the undocumented from working or renting in the borough; the other mandates that official government business be in English.

Council approved a motion to advertise the Immigration Relief Act by a 7-1 vote. The English language proposal also passed 7-1.

The approvals signal that council would likely favor both ordinances when the measures come before council in October.

"I think it was obvious tonight, that we have the seven votes (for approval)," said Councilman Pete Kohut.

Bridgeport worries an influx of illegal immigrants would put a strain on borough services, and that undocumented residences could avoid paying municipal taxes.

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